Office of Field Placement and Licensure

Restricted Licensure Program

Program Admission Criteria (Decision Point 1)

  1. For the secondary teaching program a bachelor’s degree in the content area or equivalent course work, for the school counselor program a graduate degree in the content area of counseling, and for library media specialist a graduate degree in the content area of library media.
  2. At least two years since the completion of the bachelor’s degree (effective 2009-2010 )
  3. GPA of 2.75 in undergraduate content area courses; a 3.25 GPA in graduate work for counselors and school media specialists
  4. Cumulative GPA of 2.75 in last 60 hours of college course work
  5. The restricted school specialist license for school counselor requires a minimum of three years of full-time professional counseling and the restricted school specialist license for library media specialist requires three years of full-time professional librarian experience for the license to be issued by the state.  ESU does not determine if your experience meets this state regulation.
  6. Teaching/Specialist (counselor or library specialist) contract with a state accredited Kansas school
  7. Application to graduate school for MED degree, option 2 for Restricted Licensure
  8. Official transcripts sent to graduate school office
  9. Transcript analysis completed by applicable department to determine program eligibility
  10. Approval of the applicable department; departmental approval incorporates a determination of the applicants background content and includes a plan of study needed to meet state standards
  11. Interview by The Teachers College and content area faculty
  12. Application submitted to the Restricted Licensure Program
  13. Documented experience working with children
  14. Three references (forms provided)
  15. Approval of the Restricted Licensure Advisory Committee