Coursework and Administration

SD 550XA Survey of Exceptional Child, 3 hours (Online in Summer, Fall and Spring)
ED 840 Managing a Classroom, 2 hours (Online Spring or Summer)
SC 719 Creating Classroom Climate 1 hour (Online Summer)
ED 841 Essentials of Curriculum Design, 3 hours (Online Spring or Fall)
ED 893 Restricted License Internship I, 6 hours (internship taken while on the job)
ED 894 Restricted License Internship II, 6 hours or CE 881 Internship in School Counseling

Additional course if seeking K-12 teaching license in Art, Modern Languages, Music or Physical Education:

EL 751 Application of Developmental Theories, 3 hours (Online Summer, Fall and Spring) OR a course that addresses teaching elementary age children recommended by the content area department.