Praxis Test Information

Note: The content test must be passed before a restricted teaching license will be issued.

Please note that many of the tests are available in both paper & computer formats.  The content and scoring methods are the same but there are different test code numbers depending on the type of testing format.  Be sure to review the Educational Testing Service (ETS) website to obtain the correct test code number.  Also, please note that the testing dates are subject to change by ETS so be sure to check the ETS website for current testing date information.


Also the Principles of Learning & Teaching (PLT) must be taken & passed.

Principles of Learning & Teaching (PLT): (Must be passed by end of 1st year of Internship)

The PLT is not a requirement for Restricted School Specialists.


ESU must be a score recipient. Our code is 6335.
Register online at

Be sure to select the state testing requirements for the state of Kansas. Click on the licensure area in which you intend to be licensed in the 'Tests Required for Specific Licensure Areas' information.

A new web link is now available to allow access to pre-recorded information for the preparation of taking a Praxis test.  Please access the following link to choose to sign up for a scheduled Live Praxis Webinar: