Getting Started

The APPLICATION PROCESS for the next program year must be completed by April 1st.  This means the Transcript Review has been completed (Transcripts due by March 1st), the Alternate Route Application with references and disclosures has been submitted and you have received a Letter of Acceptance.  This process can take several weeks, so please plan accordingly. 

The next orientation is tentatively set for June 22, 2015.  Attendance is required by those accepted into the 2015 program.  You must contact our office at least one week in advance to confirm your reservation to attend orientation.

The nine credit hours of required education coursework (twelve credit hours for K-12 teaching licensure areas) will include topics related to principles of learning and teaching, the exceptional child, and classroom management.  These courses are required before you begin as a teacher, school counselor or library media specialist.  The coursework may be taken prior to getting a contract.  The required coursework is graduate credit and all courses are online, with the exception of SC 719-Classroom Climate which requires some attendance on campus.  ED 840-Managing a Classroom (2 credits) is offered summer & spring semesters and ED841-Essentials of Curriculum Design (3 credits) is offered fall and spring semesters.  SD550 XA-Survey of Exceptional Child (3 credits) is offered online in summer, fall and spring semesters.  SC 719 Classroom Climate is offered in the spring & summer sessions.   EL 751 Application of Developmental Theories (3 credits) or an elementary methods course specific to your teaching area is required for anyone getting a K-12 teaching license.  EL 751 is available online summer, fall and spring semesters. 

Candidates are provided with mentors and are required to participate in online or campus seminars during a yearlong internship resulting in an additional 12 semester hours of graduate credit. The collaboration of school and university personnel will support candidates in meeting State standards and demonstration the characteristics of a critical thinker, creative planner and effective practitioner.

  • Content Areas for Secondary Teaching. The following are the teaching content areas in ESU's Alternate Route Program: Business, English, Journalism, Middle School or 6-12 Mathematics, Modern Languages, Art, Psychology, Biology, Physical Sciences - (Middle School Science, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics), Social Studies, Speech/Theatre & Music. 
  • Kindergarten-12th grade teaching areas:  Art, Health, Modern Languages (French, German, Spanish), Music and Physical Education.
  • The specialist areas are: School Counselor and Library/Media
  • Cost of the program is the cost for credits:  For the 2014-2015 academic year it is $227/graduate credit hour for online courses plus $75 in fees/credit.  The 9 credits of education classes you take are graduate so that is $2,718.  Internship is completed during the first year of teaching which is 12 credit hours = $3,624.  During your internship you will pay $60 for the scoring of your Teacher Work Sample (TWS) and $125 to help with supervisor costs.  Grand total = $6,527.  The Board of Regents could change the cost/credit, so this is an approximate cost.  If you need to apply for financial aid, contact their office, 620-341-5457.  Elaine Henrie is the director and can be contacted via email at  You need to be enrolled in 6 graduate credit hours during fall or spring semesters or 5 graduate credit hours in the summer to qualify for financial aid. These requirements may change, so please check with the Financial Aid office for current information.
  • Military Experience:  If you've served 6 years, funding may be available for your course work.  Contact John Parker at or visit Troops to Teachers website,  You may also call toll free @ 1-877-530-2765.
  • Orientation. Orientation is set for June 22, 2015, 9:00-4:00, in Visser Hall, Emporia State University Campus. Attendance is required by those that have been fully admitted into the Alternate Route Program.  You must contact our office at least one week in advance to confirm your reservation to attend orientation.

To get started:

1.  Submit an application to Graduate School (Graduate School Application) and have all official transcripts sent to the Graduate School, Campus Box 4003, Emporia State University, 1 Kellogg Circle, Emporia, KS  66801-5415.

  • Please review the video (Application Video Help) on the right side of the Graduate School webpage via the following link prior to the completion of your online application via the Graduate School:  
  • You have 2 choices—either a Licensure Program/Alternate Route OR a degree seeking program/Master of Education in Teaching.  Either one will work to be in the Alternate Route Program.   If you choose the Licensure Program/Alternate Route you can change your status later if you decide to get the Master of Education in Teaching (MEd); please note that it will cost an additional $40 to change your status.  If you choose the MEd program, you are not obligated to get a master’s degree but would have seven years to complete the course work—the Alternate Route required courses (21 credit hours) plus an additional 15 credit hours. 

A.   Licensure Program/Alternate Route Option:  Please note:  You are applying for a licensure program at ESU.   Don’t choose a degree seeking, certificate seeking or non-degree seeking program!   If you do, you’ll be put in a different program and your transcripts will be scanned and shredded.  If you choose “Licensure” and “Alternate Route”, your transcripts will not be shredded and will be sent to us as we’ll need them later when you apply for a teaching or school specialist license.

    • Go to and click on the “Apply Now” link on the left hand side of the page.  Under the header Online Application, click on the APPLY NOW link.  When you are redirected to the Admissions Application Login, click on “First time user account creation.”  After creating your Login ID and PIN, you will enter into the application.  After reading through the application instructions, you will need to select the correct criteria for you application.
    • Applications:     Graduate Application
    • Location:    ESU Online Program (CAUTION—make sure you don’t leave ESU Main Campus as the choice—use the pull down arrow and select ESU Online Program)
    • Type:    1st-time Licensure/Non-degree or Returning Licensure/Non-degree
    • Admission Term:     Select the term you anticipate enrolling in the Alternate Route Program.
    • If you’ve never been an ESU graduate student choose:  “1st Time Licensure/Non-degree – This application is to be completed by students who are applying for a licensure program or as non-degree and have not attended ESU previously as a graduate student.” 
    • If you’ve attended ESU as a graduate student before choose:  “Returning Licensure/Non-degree - This application is to be completed by students who have previously attended ESU as a graduate student and are returning as a licensure or non-degree seeking student.” 
    • After selecting the correct criteria, you will enter into the application.  After completing the Name section of the application you will be directed to the Application Checklist.  You will need to complete all seven sections of the application.  When you enter into the Planned Course of Study checklist item, you will need to select the appropriate Alternate Route Licensure program you are applying to.  Your choices are 1) Licen-Alt Rt Sch Library Media OR  2) Alt Route School Counselor OR  3) Licen-Alt Rt Tchng/Sec Tchng (these are the first three choices on the pull down menu).  If these choices aren’t coming up, you’ve made an incorrect choice earlier in your application.  If you’re seeing Post Bac choices with content areas, you’re not in the Non-Degree programs where you made your selection for “Type”.  Go back and select the correct application type.
    • It is extremely important to complete the Planned Course of Study section correctly, as this will assign your correct advisor and also keep your official transcripts on file to be forwarded on when it comes time for you to receive your teaching certificate through the state.
    • If you should have any questions while completing your admission application, please do not hesitate to contact the Graduate School at 620-341-5403 or 800-950-GRAD.


2.  Complete the 'Request for a Transcript Review' form including a check or money order in the amount of $20 fee and mail it to the Alternate Route Program.  

3.  Start the process early as you can take some of the education classes fall or spring semester, leaving a lighter load for summer. 

How to apply to the Alternate Route Program (AFTER transcript review is complete)