Welcome to Emporia State University! The University provides off–campus living information for students. To aid in your search process the following resources are provided on this website.

Staying On-Campus

Living on campus is more than convenient. It is about a sense of community, safety, and typically less expensive than off campus living. If interested in living on campus, click here.

Venturing Off-Campus

There are a variety of off–campus living options. Some are very close to campus, and others require more of a commute. Keep the distance to campus, shopping and transportation in mind when making your decision.

Helpful Guides

There are several things to know about living off–campus. Click the following links for helpful questions to assist with the decision making process. Things to consider.

Helpful Links

Jeff Lynch City of Emporia Housing Specialist, will help in exposing dangerous living conditions.

Ordinances for the City of Emporia outlines what is allowed in Emporia. Click on the City Ordinances button on the left side of the page to view.

Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce can provide a list of useful phone numbers.

Kansas Residential Landlord and Tenant Act is a good resource to know what your rights are. Kansas Tenants Handbook gives good suggestions for living as a tenant.

Contact City of Emporia for Water/Trash

Contact Kansas Gas for gas hookup

Contact Westar for electrical hookup

Contact USPS to update your address

We have put together a list of sites to aid in locating available housing in and around Emporia. While this list is not associated with Emporia State University, it is provided to be helpful in your off-campus living search. The University makes no representation or warranty about the quality, safety, legal compliance or habitability and does not endorse any company, manager or complex.



Apartment Guide


Download a mock budget template so as to plan your own.