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Student Handbook

TRiO Programs


Emporia State University hosts two federally-funded TRiO grants designed to assist students in successfully completing their post-secondary education despite possible areas of need in academic, financial, or personal resources. TRiO programs are a part of the Higher Education Act of Congress.

Student Support Services (Project Challenge) assists qualified students enrolled full-time at Emporia State with academic, career, financial, and personal matters. The Student Support Services program also offers free tutorial help in most subjects. Classes offered for participants include Freshman Seminar I and II, and Financial Literacy classes. More information is available at <>.

Emporia State’s Talent Search program provides academic, career, and financial information, workshops, and guidance to middle school and high school students, as well as high school dropouts, who wish to pursue a college education. Talent Search serves students in Emporia and the Leavenworth and Atchison areas.

More information is available at: <>.

For information, contact Kristi Bolen, TRiO Director, at 620-341-5097.