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Student Handbook

Health Services


In addition to treatment of illness and minor injury, the Health Services staff emphasizes wellness through education and outreach. Appointments with a nurse practitioner or physician will incur a $50 office visit charge.  Students who are taking classes on campus and pay campus privilege fees will have all but $5 written off.  Students who do not pay the campus privilege fee (online students, etc.) will be responsible for paying any charges not covered by health insurance. There are also modest charges for pharmacy services and laboratory services.  You do not have to have health insurance to utilize Health Services, but those students who present their insurance card will have the option of having their charges billed to their plan.  Balances due after insurance pays will be billed to the student account.

Visit the website at: httpp://


Location:          Student Wellness Center, 250 Southeast Morse Hall

Contact:           1200 Commercial, Box 4008


                           620-341-5045 (Fax)


Hours:               Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm (Closed during winter break)

                           Open until 7 pm on Thursdays when school is in session

For after hours or weekend treatment contact Newman Regional Health, 343-6800 or the Flint Hills Community Health Center, 620-342-4864.

For emergency treatment, call 911 (if dialing from a campus phone you must dial 9 first then 911)