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Tobacco Usage Policy



In the promotion of a healthy and sanitary environment, and in compliance with state law, the University prohibits smoking within University buildings, facilities, public places, public meetings, place of employment, and specified exterior spaces. All tobacco usage shall be prohibited in buildings, facilities, and University vehicles. Smoking is prohibited in all University facilities, enclosed areas, public places including but not limited to stadiums and recreational areas, public meetings, place of employment, and access points of all buildings and facilities not otherwise exempted by law. Smoking is prohibited by the University within 30 feet of all buildings and facilities. Smoking may also be prohibited in other clearly marked outdoor areas.

Smoking is prohibited by law within University facilities, buildings, enclosed areas, public places, public meetings, place of employment, and within 10 feet of access point of all building perimeters, open windows, and air intakes leading into any facility or building. It is unlawful to smoke in any area where smoking is prohibited by law and unlawful to allow smoking in those areas. Police and Safety shall enforce smoking prohibitions as required by law.

Requests for exterior spaces, beyond the 30 foot restricted area around building, designated as nonsmoking areas and requests for exterior spaces, within the 30 foot restricted area around buildings but outside of a 10 foot radius from any building entry, window, or air intakes to the building, designated as smoking areas shall be submitted, in writing, to the Facility Council (attn: Director of University Facilities) for consideration and action.

Complaints for policy violations may be submitted to the Director of Facilities for appropriate dissemination for enforcement. Violations of law or policy may also result in employment of disciplinary action pursuant to University policy. Employees shall not be retaliated against for reporting violations.

Conspicuously placed signs displaying the international no smoking symbol and stating smoking is prohibited by law will be posted in areas where smoking is prohibited. This policy shall be communicated to new employees upon hiring and a written copy of this policy will be provided to all current or prospective employees upon request.

(approved by President 7/01/94; revision approved by President 2/9/98; revision approved by President 8/12/02; revision approved by President 3/18/05; revision approved by President 10/01/2010)


Smoking is prohibited in the residence halls and within 30 feet of the building.