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Student Handbook

Student Parking and Traffic Regulations


No motor vehicle, whether privately or publicly owned, shall be parked on the roads, streets, driveways, or parking facilities unless the said vehicle shall have plainly displayed in accordance with regulations a current parking permit issued by the Office of the Kansas Board of Regents or by the administration officer of Emporia State University or his/her authorized representatives, with the exception of the free parking and/or pay parking areas.

Visitors are always welcome on campus but are requested to observe all posted regulations and to display a current visitor parking permit. Campus visitors may obtain a “visitor’s” permit at the Information Booth or the Police and Safety Office.

Campus parking regulations provide facilities for the maximum benefit of the greatest number, while generating revenue for the operation and maintenance of existing parking facilities. With the exception of vehicles operated by disabled members of the student body, faculty and staff, and appropriately marked campus service vehicles, parking on campus is considered a privilege. A violation of any provision of Emporia State’s Traffic and Parking Regulations is considered to constitute an offense and to be subject to penalty.

The motor vehicle laws of the State of Kansas and the City of Emporia apply on the Emporia State University campus. The speed limit is 15 mph, unless otherwise indicated. In the event of an accident occurring on Emporia State property involving a motor vehicle, the Emporia State University Police Department must be notified immediately. All vehicles, including bicycles, are restricted to the use of designated roadways. Sidewalks shall not be used by any vehicles except to walk bicycles to the bicycle racks and except when necessary for authorized service vehicles.

Two-wheeled vehicles may park only in specially designated parking areas. Vehicles shall park entirely within the lines indicating a parking space. Vehicles shall park by driving forward only into diagonal or 90-degree parking spaces. Parking is not permitted in loading zones at any time; use of these zones for loading or unloading is limited.

Skateboards, roller skates, in-line skates, etc. are prohibited on all areas of Emporia State campus. This includes sidewalks, streets, buildings, and walkways.

For a copy of Emporia State University Traffic and Parking Regulations or for further information, contact the Parking Department at 620-341-6043.