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Student Handbook

Demonstrations of Dissent and Protest


Part of the freedom in the academic community is the student‘s right to orderly dissent and protest against any decision or issue. This right to demonstrate does not include using means or procedures which disrupt the ongoing functions of the University, nor endanger the health, safety or well-being of any person in the on- or off-campus communities. Individuals wishing to demonstrate regarding concerns should confer with the Dean of Students Office where procedural policy for such events and their accompanying responsibilities will be explained. The area between Plumb Hall and the Memorial Union has been designated as the Free Forum Area and may be reserved by individual students or student organizations, through the Conference and Scheduling Office in the Memorial Union. Picketing or protest by non-university groups is restricted to the right-of-way easements along public streets adjacent to the outer perimeter of the Emporia State University main campus.

Arrangements for scheduling the area can be made in the Conference & Scheduling Office, 110 Memorial Union, 620-341-5443.