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Student Handbook

Statement on Consenting Relationships in the ESU Community


Emporia State University is committed to providing an academic community environment that, without discrimination, fosters intellectual, professional, and personal growth. Essential to the preservation of this environment is the trust that should characterize all interactions among our students, faculty, unclassified staff, and classified personnel, all of whom are working toward common goals of the institution. This trust is put at risk when members of the university community engage in consenting romantic or sexual relationships that involve persons of unequal power, for example, administrator and faculty, faculty and student, supervisor and employee. Emporia State University strongly disapproves of consenting relationships where a professional power differential exists.

On May 3, 1994, the Faculty Senate passed a resolution endorsing a statement on consenting relationships. The statement is available in its entirety from the Faculty Senate Office, 315 Plumb Hall, or the President’s Office, 202 Plumb Hall.