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Student Handbook

Academic Appeals


Any student who feels he/she has been dealt with unfairly concerning academic progress (such as course grades or absences) shall have access to an academic appeal through established procedures within one semester after the semester in which the issue occurs. The procedures are as follows:

1. The student should discuss the issue with the faculty member involved and attempt to resolve the problem.
2. If the problem cannot be resolved in such a discussion, the student should put in writing the particulars of the conflict and submit this to the department chair.
3. The department chair will attempt to clarify the conflict, mediate the positions of both parties, and, if possible, identify resolution options that are acceptable to both parties.
4. If the department chair is unable to resolve the conflict between the student and the faculty member, the student may request the department chair convene the Departmental Appeals Committee.
5. The Departmental Appeals Committee shall review the written statement and may interview the student and/or faculty member. The student has the option of asking another student or member of the university community to be present at the interview. Legal counsel can be present, but cannot speak for either the student or faculty member.
6. If the issue is still not resolved, the matter may be appealed to the dean of the school/college, who will convene a School/College Academic Appeals Committee. The committee’s final vote will be submitted to the dean, who will make the final decision. The process for academic appeals concludes with the dean, and there is no further appeal.