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Student Handbook

Science Museums


Johnston Geology Museum, 106 Cram Science Hall. Displays include a mosasaur skeleton (ancient marine reptile), skull and limbs of a giant ground sloth, mastodon tusks, plant and animal fossils from the internationally known Hamilton Quarry, many common Kansas fossils, a southeastern Kansas mining exhibit, and American Indian stone artifacts. For information, call 620-341-5978 or 620-341-5330, or visit our website <>.

The Peterson Planetarium, 31 Science Hall, offers a dynamic multimedia experience. Renovated in 1997, the planetarium operates a Spitz 512-ATM3 projection system. This multimedia system provides a graphic presentation of the stars, planets, moon, and sun, of the daily and annual motions of these celestial objects, and of many astronomical concepts and principles. Scheduled public presentations are usually made each semester. Through advance arrangements and as scheduling permits, presentations will be conducted for groups of at least ten people. There may be a nominal charge for admission. For arrangements, call the planetarium director or the Departments of Physical Sciences at 620-341-5330.

The Schmidt Museum of Natural History, 43 Science Hall, contains a comprehensive collection of approximately 600 taxidermy mounts of birds and mammals from Kansas. A research collection of more than 2,500 bird and mammal skins from various parts of the U.S. is maintained for advanced study and research. For more information, contact the Department of Biological Sciences, 620-341-5311.