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Student Handbook

Reading Center and Academic Success Center


The Reading and Academic Success Center, 222 Visser Hall, offers its services to any student who is interested in improving his/her reading comprehension, especially in the areas of advanced reading ability such as inferential and critical reading. The staff also helps students develop more effective study techniques and prepare for competency exams.

Students using the center range from freshmen needing remedial help to graduate students preparing for exams. Returning students who have not been in school for several years may use the Reading Center as a place to review. International students receive assistance and individualized programs to improve their reading comprehension in and aural understanding of English. Education students will find major related test preparation materials, including tutoring assistance with prerequisite tests. Other majors may request specialized testing materials. A little brushing up increases confidence in the classroom and can improve performance on tests.

The Reading Center hours are Monday through Thursday, 9 am to 3 pm, and Friday, 9 am to noon. The phone number is 620-341-5495. Summer hours may vary.