#15041, Academic Tutor

Job Type: Either work study or regular
Wages: Min. Wage ($7.55/hr - Undergrad; $7.70/hr - Grad)
Job Begins: 08/22/2016 - Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis for this position. Job Begin Date will be individually determined as applicants are hired throughout the year.
Work Schedule: [Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun] - Flexible due to schedules
Job Duties: Tutor student-athletes in a campus building at a time convenient for both the tutor and student-athlete. Due to practices, most times will be in the evening or on the weekends. Session logs must be completed for each session. Good communication skills are a must.
Minimum Qualifications: *Must have a 3.0 cum GPA and be proficient in subject. *Must have good communication skills, be organized and prompt. *Must complete training prior to working with students.
Special Comments: *All subject areas, especially in Business, Math and Science. *Hours are flexible and dependent on requests for help. *Depending on subject, hours per week would be 1-5 in total, this is not a fulltime job. *Great experience for a future teacher!
Download Application: Student Job Application
Application Submission: [Please email your application form to contact's email below]
Contact Name: Carmen Leeds
Contact Number: 620-341-5825
Department: Athletics - Senior Woman Administrator
Contact E-mail: cleeds@emporia.edu
Office: HPER 218C