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Gender Program


Support the academic success of women and increase opportunities for women's personal and career development and economic self-sufficiency.

Advocate for and support for all students who are experiencing discrimination, abuse, or harassment.

Educate and advocate for a climate that promotes social justice and is free of discrimination.  Educate on issues of feminism, women and gender.  Bring to the attention of the university the problems and issues of women students, including sexual harassment, treatment in the classroom, institutionalized sexism, and other conditions that impede all student's personal and academic development.

Enhance an understanding of women's issues and motivate both women and men toward a greater involvement in these issues. Enhance opportunities for participation in organizations and activities that deal with violence against students.

In all of its activities, the Gender Program strives to promote the awareness of perspectives across lines of race, class, abilities and sexual orientation.  Programs reflect a wide range of viewpoints about women's concerns and gender equity.