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Our Objective

The Alcohol Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program (ADAP) seeks to reduce the misuse and abuse of alcohol and other drugs, and supports healthy lifestyles on the Emporia State University campus.

The ADAP Program offers alcohol/drug abuse prevention education and services to help avoid potentially self destructive behaviors.  It also encourages those wanting assistance with developing positive lifestyles.

Why Does ADAP Work ?

 It works because the program is non-judgmental. Participants get the specific information they need to reduce their risk for alcohol and drug problems.


BASICS is aimed at college students 18-24 years old who drink alcohol heavily and have experienced or are at risk for alcohol-related problems such as academic failure, social conflicts, accidents, sexual assault, or violence. The program was not designed to treat alcohol dependence and is unlikely to resolve the disorders of students who are severely alcohol dependent, but can be used for those students in a stepped-care model that provides them with a comprehensive assessment, feedback, advice and referral to specialty care.

ASI Class

This class offers eight hours Of instructions and meets the requirement for an alcohol and drug information class required by court.

Alcohol Information School is a curriculum developed by the Prevention Research Institute, which addresses the following questions and provides a program that changes behaviors.

  • How can we reduce the risk for alcohol and drug problems?
  • How can we empower students to make low risk drinking choices to prevent problems for a lifetime? 

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention  ( ADAP)

Certified Alcohol and Drug Programs  

Alcohol/Drug Information School meets requirements by the court for:

  • Court Evaluation: A/D Evaluation Substance Abuse Evaluation
  • Minor In Possession - MIP
  •  Minor In Consumption (MIC)
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol  ( DUI)
  • Possession of drug
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia


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