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Standard Alcoholic Drink

Standard Alcohol Drink - Long description below.

Beer, wine, and hard liquor (distilled spirits) all contain alcohol. The following common alcoholic drinks contain equal amounts of alcohol and are often referred to as a drink or a standard drink:

  • One 12 fl oz (355 ml) bottle of beer or wine cooler
  • One 5 fl oz (148 ml) glass of wine
  • One mixed drink containing 1.5 fl oz (44 ml) of 80-proof hard liquor, such as gin, whiskey, or rum

Proof is the amount of alcohol in hard liquor or distilled spirits. The percentage of pure alcohol in the hard liquor is usually one-half the proof. For example, a 100-proof liquor is about 50% pure alcohol. Thus, the higher the proof, the more pure alcohol the hard liquor contains.  (content provided by Healthwise )


"Going on a binge" is the term referring to drinking heavily for days at a time.

Definition of Binge Drinking

Definition of Binge drinking - Five or more drinks on the same occasion (i.e., at the same time or within a couple of hours of each other) on at least 1 day in the past 30 days.
   For women, more than 3 drinks during a single occasion
   For men, more than 4 drinks during a single occasion

Binge DrinkingBinge drinking is a level of alcohol drinking whereby someone gets drunk periodically and stays drunk for days at a time.. And once they commence drinking heavily, they continue to do so for some period of time. The period of time may vary from over a weekend, on vacation, etc. Binge drinking has been associated with college partying. That may be over Spring break or every weekend, etc.


Binge Drinking by College Students

       College students are notorious for binge drinking.

  • Young adults aged 18 to 22 enrolled full time in college were more likely than their peers not enrolled full time (i.e., part-time college students and persons not currently enrolled in college) to use alcohol in the past month, binge drink, and drink heavily. Past month alcohol use was reported by 63.7 percent of full-time college students compared with 53.5 percent of persons aged 18 to 22 who were not enrolled full time. Binge and heavy use rates for college students were 43.6 and 17.2 percent, respectively, compared with 38.4 and 12.9 percent, respectively, for 18 to 22 year olds not enrolled full time in college.

The pattern of higher rates of current alcohol use, binge alcohol use, and heavy alcohol use among full-time college students compared with rates for others aged 18 to 22 has remained consistent since 2002.  Content provided by The National Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Rehab Information Help Center

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We invite you to explore the COLLEGE RESPONSE ON-LINE SCREENING FOR MENTAL HEALTH. This free screening is available to all ESU students and is taken anonymously.  The screening is provided so that you may find out, in a few minutes, whether or not professional consultation would be helpful to you  The screening specifically addresses depression, anxiety, eating disorders and alcohol abuse. 

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