Mission Statement

The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention (ADAP) Program seeks to support students, faculty, and staff in creating and maintaining a campus environment that encourages and supports healthy lifestyles where the misuse or abuse of alcohol, and the use of tobacco and other drugs has minimal impact on the academic progress of individual students and the learning environment of the campus community.


The ADAP Program provides the following services to the ESU community: presentations, instruction, interventions, referrals, and tobacco cessation.

The Prime For Life: On Campus Talking About Alcohol Class

This class offers eight hours of instruction and meets the requirements for Alcohol Information School required by the courts.

Meet The Staff

Donna Drake, Counselor/Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Program Coordinator

The ADAP Program employs a support staff of undergraduate students each year.


250 Southeast Morse Hall
(620) 341-5222
Fax: (620) 341-5045