Emporia State is the only institution in Kansas that offers senior pre-law students the opportunity to take a special orientation course on what to expect in law school.  The course is taught every other year in the spring by a third-year law student from the University of Kansas or Washburn University law schools.

Emporia State pre-law graduates have been accepted at outstanding law schools throughout the country and are now practicing in a variety of fields as lawyers and judges. Our graduates believe the pre-law training provided by Emporia State is as good as that offered by any institution in the country.

Regarding Academic Preparation

ESU students now can pursue the Pre-Law Emphasis in the Political Science major. The new emphasis responds to law schools' suggestion that applicants have a broad academic foundation with oral and written communication skills, sound reasoning (critical thinking) abilities, and an understanding of the nature, development, and operations of the political, social, and economic institutions of society. They seek applicants who have acquired self-discipline and rigorous study habits in the course of their undergraduate studies.

Law is often considered as one of the Social Sciences, thus some acquaintance with other social sciences should be part of one's pre-law preparation. Students should evaluate their own academic aspirations, interests, and abilities, and build on their strengths as they prepare for law school. The couse of study in pre-law in the political science major is designed to allow students to do just that.

Pre-Law Courses (23-24 credit hours)

Required core courses. Select at least five courses from the following (14-15 credit hours).***
PO 410 Development of Political Thought (3 hours)
PO 444 Constitutional Law I (3 hours)
PO 445 Constitutional Law II (3 hours)
PO 448 American Judiciary (3 hours)
PO 480 Introduction to Law (2 hours)
SO 125 Introduction to Criminal Justice (3 hours)
SO 309 Law and the Legal System (3 hours)
SO 335 Criminal Court Process (3 hours)

Suggested electives. Select at least one class from each of the following groupings (9 credit hours)***

Political Science
PO 121 American National Government (3 hours)
PO 335 International Law and Organization (3 hours)
PO 350 Public Administration (3 hours)
PO 411 Contemporary Political Ideas (3 hours)
PO 412 American Political Ideas (3 hours)

SO 310 Introduction to Law Enforcement (3 hours) 
SO 370 Race and Ethnic Relations (3 hours)
SO 403 Sociology of Corrections (3 hours)
SO 410 Domestic Violence (3 hours)
SO 418 Juvenile Delinquency (3 hours)
SO 420 Sociology of Divorce (3 hours)

SP 222 Argumentation and Debate (3 hours)
SP 306 Advanced Interpersonal Communication (3 hours)
SP 322 Theories of Argument (3 hours)
SP 332 Theories of Persuasion (3 hours)
SP 500 Conflict Resolution (3 hours)

AC 223 Financial Accounting (3 hours)
BU 353 Legal Environment of Business (3 hours)
BU 373 Law of Commerce (3 hours)
BU 550 Legal Environment of Internat’l. Business (3 hours)

***In consultation with the Pre-Law Advisor, students may be able to substitute other appropriate courses.

For more information on the Pre-Law Program offered through the Department of Social Sciences, please contact Dr. Phil Kelly (620-341-5238).