The history program offers students two degrees: a Bachelor of Arts in History (BA) and a Bachelor of Science in History (BS). Both degrees allow students a wide variety of options at graduation including careers in private business or government service, additional professional training in history and other areas including law and library science, and careers in public history (most commonly museum or archival work). The BA is the traditional liberal arts degree. It requires 36 hours of history and 10 hours of a foreign language and is generally the degree preferred by those pursuing further study in history. In contrast, the BS degree provides the student with the opportunity to take more history courses (45 hours) instead of a foreign language. Regardless of whether a student chooses to pursue a BA or a BS degree, the student needs to select either an American History or a World History focus. In both cases, students will be required to take a research seminar and a mixture of chronological and topical courses.


History credit hours: 36

—This may include courses taken to satisfy requirements for general education.—

Additional requirement:

10 hours of one foreign language, and a second program of study or minor are required for the Bachelor of Arts in History.



History credit hours: 45

—This may include courses taken to satisfy requirements for general education.—




Bachelor of Arts
History Credit Hours: 36

Bachelor of Science
History Credit Hours: 45

See additional requirement.

Introductory Courses:
Students must select one of the two options below.

Option A:  HI 101  World Cultures to 1500
                 HI 102  Modern World Civilization

Option B:  HI 111  U.S. History to 1877
HI 112  U.S. History since 1877           

6 hours

6 hours

Required Courses:

HI 503  Research Seminar
HI 540  History Today Capstone

4 hours

4 hours

Chronological Courses:
Students must select one course from each of the four categories.

A.  Early World:

HI 311  Ancient Greece 800-200 BCE
HI 312  Roman World, 500 BCE-500CE
HI 313  Medieval Europe
HI 314  Early Modern Europe, 1350-1650

B.  Modern World:

HI 316  Age of Revolutions, 1760-1848
HI 317  Age of Empire, 1848-1914
HI 318  Age of Total War, 1900-1945
HI 319  World Since 1945

C. Early America:

HI 340  Origins of Colonial America
HI 341  American Revolution, 1763-1789
HI 342  Early Republic, 1789-1848
HI 343  Civil War Era, 1848-1877

D. Modern America:

HI 344  Gilded Age & Progressive Era
HI 345  United States, 1914-1945
HI 346  United States, 1945-1974
HI 347  United States since 1974

12 hours

12 hours

Open Electives:
Students are strongly encouraged to take a variety of courses from different categories.

Europe -- HI 310 Preclassical Age, HI 416 Anatomy of Revolutions, HI 418 Imperial Russia, HI 419 Soviet Union, HI 426 The Holocaust, HI 429 Modern Europe, HI 461 Modern England, HI 462 England in Film, HI 463 History of Ireland, HI 464 Ireland in Film

Asia, Africa and Latin America -- HI 410 History of Islam, HI 411 Medieval Crusades, HI 412 Modern Middle East, HI 475 Modern China, HI 476 Conquest and Slavery in Latin America, HI 477 Modern Latin America

Militay --  HI 423 War and Society, HI 424 World War I, HI 425 World War II, HI 427 Vietnam, PO 435 American Military History

Ethnicity, Race and Gender -- HI 440 Sex and Violence in 19th Century America, HI 441 Themes in American Indian History, HI 443 African American History, HI 457 Immigration, HI 480 Intro to Women's Studies, HI 483 American Women, HI 484 Early American Women, HI 485 Women of the Old West, HI 486 Modern American Women

Regional -- HI 333 Kansas History, HI 430 Country Folk & the Land, HI 431 Great Plains History, HI 432 Westward Expansion to 1860, HI 444 Southern History to 1865, HI 445 Southern History Since 1865

Political and Diplomatic -- HI 446 Political Parties 1789-1896, HI 447 Political Parties since 1896, HI 448 American Diplomatic History to 1914, HI 450 American Intellectual History

Topics in History -- HI 300 Topics in World History, HI 301 Topics in American History, HI 302 Introduction to History, HI 451 History and Film, HI 452 History and Memory, HI 454 History and Biography

Public -- HI 590 Introduction to Public History, HI 591 Local History, HI 592 Archival Management

Upon approval, other classes including film and field trip classes can fulfill a topical requirement.  Open electives also include additional survey courses and chronological courses not used as part of the major requirements listed above.

14 hours

23 hours