Anne Donovan, geography instructor, doing research on the geography of food (2011)Anne Donovan

Instructor in Geography

Hi, my name is Anne Donovan.  I am an Instructor of Geography.  I have been a member of the Social Sciences Department since Fall 2008.  My most recent research explores the social geography of informal gathering places in rural towns, such as cafes, taverns, and C-stores, and what these mean for community attachment.  So, I’ve been eating and drinking my way through rural towns in the Emporia area and meeting a whole bunch of really nice people. 

My main research interest is food geography, especially the aspects of consumption.  One of my favorite paper presentations was titled: "Tentacles? Testicles! I’m not eating that!"  I discussed what my students found too disgusting to eat (squid and Rocky Mountain oysters).  I published a paper that explores barbeque and Juneteenth celebrations as culinary tourism attractions.  My master’s thesis was on agritourism and the spatial patterns of corn mazes in the Upper Midwest.

Each semester I teach several sections of World Regional Geography along with one upper division geography course.  I have taught Economic Geography, Political Geography, Geography of the U.S. and Canada, Geography of Europe, and Geography of the Great Plains.  I hope to teach a Food Geography course in the future.

I am also the faculty advisor for JA Sakura, the Japanese student organization.

My office phone is 620-341-5572 and email is