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Master of Arts in History--fully online as of spring 2014

The MA program in History at Emporia State University is designed to transform students of history into historians. The program is intended to both broaden and to sharpen students' study of US history from the colonial period to the present. The MA degree includes 4 degree concentrations:

  • thesis

  • non-thesis

  • public history

  • social sciences education

In all of these concentrations, those who successfully complete this program are highly motivated, interested in the factual and theoretical aspects of the field, and able to demonstrate through a variety of written and oral forms their commitment to excellence. Working together, the faculty and students create an atmosphere in which the requisite skills in critical thinking, research, and writing are taught, explained, nurtured, and evaluated. The program produces graduates who attain a level of performance and expertise that allows them to move on to additional graduate studies, teaching, archival work, public history, or other activities related to the discipline.

The Graduate Resources web pages and the History MA Policy & Guidelines Manual contain specific information about the History MA program. For general information (tuition & fees, financial aid, etc.) about graduate study at Emporia State, please visit the Graduate School webpage.


This program may be pursued full time or part time during the academic year. All required courses and electives are taught in an online format. Some courses may be available via telenet.

Students may apply for admission and begin their coursework in any semester. No application deadlines exist, but early application in spring semester is encouraged.

Full-time students who can be on campus during fall and spring semesters may apply for graduate teaching assistantships. GTA awards are made for the entire academic year in the preceding spring semester; interested students should apply no later than March 15.

Students can apply some courses for the History MA to a second degree. The School of Library and  Information Management and the History program have developed a cooperative degree program with the MA in History and the Master of Library Science which will allow students to apply a limited number of History hours on the MLS degree, and a  limited number of Library hours to the MA in History. Students interested in obtaining dual degrees should discuss their plans with advisors in both programs in order to coordinate their schedules effectively. They may wish to inquire about assistantships or other financial aid in both programs.

Beginning in fall 2013, the MAT (Master of Arts in Teaching) in Social Sciences has been merged with the MA History degree and is now the Social Sciences Education Concentration. The concentration allows students to specialize in American history, world history, geography, political science, anthropology, sociology, and economics in their master's-level studies. The concentration emphasizes mastery of the methods of teaching the social sciences within the professional educational context, with the aim of developing candidates' skills as Critical Thinkers, Creative Planners, and Effective Practitioners. The program prepares candidates for enhanced classroom performance by supporting state learning and assessment standards, integrating technology in the classroom, and advancing professional development. This is NOT a licensure program.

 updated 2014-04-17