Dr. Evandro Camara

Associate Professor

Sociological Theory

Race and Ethnicity

Sociology of Religion

About Dr. Camara:  https://www.emporia.edu/socanth/faculty/dr-camara.html

Dr. Alfredo Montalvo-Barbot

Associate Professor

Sociology of Corrections


About Dr. Montalvo:  https://www.emporia.edu/socanth/faculty/dr-montalvo.html

Dr. Brice  Obermeyer

Associate Professor

Native American Studies

Human Evolution

Director, Delaware Historic Preservation Office


About Dr. Obermeyer: https://www.emporia.edu/socanth/faculty/dr-obermeyer.htm


Dr. Holly Pottle, Texas Woman's University

Assistant Professor

Sociology, Criminology, Crime and Gender, Social Deviance

Dr. Rochelle Rowley

Assistant Professor

Domestic Violence

Intimate Violence

About Dr. Rowley:  http://rowleyesu.weebly.com/

Instructor Stacy Smith, Ph.D. Candidate, K-State

Social Movements

Sociology of Religion

Instructor David Westfall, Ph.D. Candidate, K-State

Research Methods/Statistics

Global Issues

Dr. Gary Wyatt

Professor, Sociology

Director Honors College

About the Honors College  https://www.emporia.edu/honors/

About Dr. Wyatt:  https://www.emporia.edu/socanth/faculty/dr-wyatt.html

Instructor Dr. Susan Zuber-Chall

Criminal Justice

Law Enforcement