ESU Students and Faculty Doing Community Service in Uganda During the Summer
ESU Students Cassandra Carmichael, Cherrie Ramsey, Natalie Guevara, and Lindsay Hinkle Spent Time During the Summer in Uganda, Africa Doing Community Service. The Project Was Organized by David Westfall, Sociology Instructor.
Out of the Darkness Crowd
The Sociology Club Sponsored the "Out of the Darkness" March.
Koch Presentation
Dr. Susan Zuber-Chall's Street Crime and White-Collar Crime class Researched Illegal Dumping of Toxic Material by a Fictitious Corporation. The Project Was Funded by a Grant From the ESU Koch Leadership Center.
Sociology, Anthropology, and CDS Mini Major Camp 2016
Department Scholarship Recipient
Regan Wright, Sociology Major, Was The Recipient of the 2016 Department Scholarship.
Outstanding Senior
Derek Wilson, Sociology Major, Was The 2016 Outstanding Graduating Senior.

Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Crime and Delinquency Studies

As a unit of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, we offer bachelor of science and bachelor of arts in sociology and crime and delinquency studies.  We also offer minors in both areas and anthropology. Faculty are committed teachers and scholars, who work closely with students to support their academic development and career trajectories.  Our curriculum is designed to ground students in the basics of sociology and crime and delinquency studies. Undergraduates have the opportunity to choose areas of concentration designed to their personal and professional interests and needs. Internship placements earn students course credit, invaluable professional skills and provide excellent networking opportunities for future employment.

Come and explore our undergraduate programs and dive into career opportunities in sociology, crime and delinquency studies, and anthropology!

Course Requirements for:  Minor In Sociology         Minor in CDS         Minor in Anthropology       

Bachelor of Science in Sociology      Bachelor of Science in CDS        Bachelor of Arts in Sociology       Bachelor of Arts in CDS 

Samples of Four Year Degree Plans

BS Sociology Sample                          BS CDS Sample                        BA Sociology Sample              BA CDS Sample  

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                                                    2016 Outstanding Senior

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