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Enrollment Dates

  • Spring 2013 enrollment will begin on October 8th at 8:00 am
  • Summer and Fall 2013 enrollment will begin in March 2013 date TBA

COMP Dates - Comprehensive exam required for all students in the Educational Administration MS, EA Bldg, EA District, C&I MS, Instructional Leadership MS, as well as MED Masters - Alternate Route.  Comp can be taken during one of students last two semesters.  Student must enrolled in at least 1 cr hr during the semester they complete the comp.

  • Fall 2012 - Friday, October 19th (emailed out) - Monday, November 5th (due)
  • Spring 2013 - Friday, April 5th (emailed out) - Monday, April 22rd (due)
  • Summer 2013 - Friday, May 31st (emailed out) - Monday, June 17th (due)
  • Fall 2013 - Friday, October 25th (emailed out) - Monday, Nov. 12th (due) 

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Intent to Graduate - due by March 1 for Summer graduates, July 1 for Fall graduates, and November 1 for Spring graduates. Failure to give notice of intent to graduate will cause a delay in the awarding of your degree.  Those completing the EA Bldg / Non-degree program do not need to complete an intent to graduate.   A student must be enrolled in at least 1 credit hour during the semester they plan to graduate.

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KSDE Licensure information - contact Shannon Hall at or 620-341-5412

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