President                                                                                   President-Elect
Nikki Metz                                                                                   Andra Baldwin 
Alumni Relations                                                                         The Teacher's College 
620-341-6468                                                                              620-341-5412

Secretary                                                                                   Treasurer
Shari Scribner                                                                              Unfilled
University Libraries and Archives

Past President                                                                            President's Representative
Rob Gibson                                                                                  Werner Golling
Information Technology                                                                USS Representative
620-341-6694                                                                               Christine Zlab


Sharon Brown                                                                               Robyn MacGregor                                                                  
Elementary Education                                                                   Career Services
620-341-5770                                                                                620-341-5407

Bethany Cooper                                                                            Sheila Markowitz
Student Wellness Center                                                               Registration
620-341-5222                                                                                 620-341-5153

Joe Kern                                                                                         Melanie Willingham
Information Technology                                                                  Information Technology
620-341-5316                                                                                 620-341-5131

Ray Lauber (ex-officio)                                                                    Mike Wise
Human Resources                                                                           Recreation Services
620-341-5077                                                                                  620-341-5952