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Campus Wide Committees 2013-2014

Affirmative Action Advisory Council
Athletic Advisory Board
Classified Assembly Committee
Copyright Committee
Council on Teacher Education
Curriculum Review Panel
Disability Services Advisory Council
General Education Council
Graduate Council
Hace Committee
Parking Committee
Performing Arts Board
Radiation Safety Committee
Research and Creativity Board
Residency Committee
Satisfactory Academic Progress Committee
Special Events Board
Student Media Board
Tuition Assistance
Undergraduate Academic Advising
Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, & Creative Activities University Master Plan Committee
Visual Arts Board

Committee/Council  First Name Last Name Email

Affirmative Action Advisory Council

Chair (Affirmative Action Officer) Judy Anderson
Faculty Representative  Art  Gutierrez
Faculty Representative  George Yancey
Professional Staff Representative (1) David Milford
General Counsel (ex officio) Kevin Johnson
Student Representative   Candice  Brooks
Student Representative  Fernando Cartagena
Student Representative  Brooke Schmidt
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Animal Care Committee

Chair Melissa  Bailey
Faculty Representative (Bio/Psych) Cathy  Grover
Faculty Representative (Bio/Psych) John Richard  Schrock
Faculty Representative (Bio/Psych)  Wiliam Jensen
Faculty Member  Colleen Etzbach
Veterinary Richard Mendoza
Physical Plant Representative Tom  Peterson
Community Member Stan Perry
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Athletic Advisory Board

Chair Scott Waters
Executive Secretary, Athletics Kent Weiser
Vice President for Admin and FA Ray Hauke
Faculty Representative Brice Obermeyer
Faculty Representative Earl  Givens
Faculty Representative Brenda Koerner
Faculty Representative Larry  Scott
Faculty Representative Matt Siemers
Faculty Representative Gary  Rice
President (ex officio) Michael Shonrock
Student Representative Clay Boatright
Student Representative Haley Parker
Student Representative Josiah D'Albini
Student Representative Taylor  Jones
Student Representative  Amandra Campbell
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Classified Assembly Committee

Chair Laurie Pitman
Building Services  Vickie Deere
Building Maitenence Steve Sisson
Academic Affairs Gwen Spade
ULA, SLIM, Graduate Office Candy Johnson
Foundation, MU, Athletics Jackie Lutz
Enrollment Management Darcy  Johnson
Academic Affairs Brian  Morgan
Residential Life Leticia Rust
Student Life Darcy  Johnson
Fiscal Affairs Cheryl  Wooderson
Press, IT Brian Morgan
Human Resources (ex officio) Judy Anderson
Legislative Liason Kevin  Johnson
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Copyright Committee

Chair (Campus Copyright Officer) Terri Summey
Distance Education Kathy Ermler
IT Sandy Valenti
Faculty Member, LA&S Tennley Vik
Faculty Member, SLIM Sheila O'Hare
Student Media Publications Amy Sage Webb
Marketing and Media Relations Kat Dorcas
General Council, ex officio Kevin  Johnson
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Council on Teacher Education

Chair Gaile Stephens
Faculty Representative Paul Bland
Faculty Representative Melissa Reed
Faculty Representative Patty Kahn
Faculty Representative Kevin Kienholz
Faculty Representative Darla Mallein
Faculty Representative Gaile Stephens
Faculty Representative Connie Schrock
Faculty Representative John Schrock
Faculty Representative Luisa Perez
Faculty Representative Ken Thompson
Faculty Representative Jim Persinger
Faculty Representative Lauren Loucks
Faculty Representative Nancy Hite
Faculty Representative Susan  Mai
Student Representative  Tricia  Vogel
Student Representative Whitney  Starr
Secondary Teacher, USD 253 Blair  Falldine
Elementary Teacher, USD 253 Sara Schwerdtfeger
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Curriculum Review Panel

Chair Tom Slocombe
Faculty, SLIM Alex Mudd
Faculty, LA&S Heidi Hamilton
Faculty, School of Business Tom Slocombe
Faculty, Teacher's College Nancy Albrecht
Faculty Dan Coulson
Faculty Monica Kjellman-Chapin
Student Representative Harrison Magruder
Graduate Student Representative Kameron Gee
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Disability Services Advisory Council

Chair Gaelynn Wolf Bordonaro
Classified Assembly Representative Kim Massoth
Faculty Representative Sheryl  Lidzy
Faculty Representative Mirah Dow
Faculty Representative Carol Russell
Faculty Representative Colleen Etzbach
Faculty Representative John  Wade
Americans w/ Disability Act Compl. Officer Jim Costello
Legal Issues Officer Marian Riedy
Univeristy Facilities Designee Dennis Mohling
Human Resources Designee Judy Anderson
TCS Designee George Head
Student Affairs Designee Mike Wise
Student Representative Kate Churchill
Director of Disability Services (ex officio) Shanti Ramcharan
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General Education Council

Chair Elected at first meeting
Executive Secretary Kim  Massoth
Faculty, LA&S  Charles  Brown
Faculty, LA&S Brian Hollenbeck
Faculty, LA&S  Greg Sievert
Faculty, School of Business Kalyan Chakraborty
Faculty, School of Business Jun  Yu
Faculty, Teacher's College  Neal  Luo
Faculty, Teacher's College  Jodie Leiss
Faculty, Teacher's College  Joan Brewer
School of Business Larry Falcetto
School of Business Mary Bao
Student Advising Center Stacey Braun
Liberal Arts and Science (ex officio) Gary Wyatt
Interim Assistant Provost for Institutional Research & Assessment (ex officio) Jo Kord
Student Representative Josiah D'Albini
Student Representative Chloe Cowen
Student Representative Jennifer Clark
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Graduate Council

Chair Andrew Smith
Vice Chair Brenda  Koerner
Exec Secretary, Graduate Studies Peggy  Anderson
Faculty, Physical Sciences Mike  Morales
Faculty, Health/Phys Ed/Rec Michael  Butler
Interim, Chair, Counselor Ed James  Costello
Faculty, Social Science Amanda Miracle
Faculty, Accounting & Infor. Systems Dipak Ghosh
Faculty, Music Nathan Gay
Faculty, Instr Design & Technology Dusti Howell
Faculty, Art Monica Kjellman-Chapin
Faculty, Biological Sciences Brenda  Koerner
Rec & Grant Devlp Specialist (ex officio) Elizabeth McLain
Psychology, Chair Brian Schrader
Faculty, Eng/Mod Lang/ Journalism Mel Storm
Faculty, Math/ Computer Sci/Econ. Betsy Yanik
Faculty, Business Admin & Ed Bill Barnes
Graduate Student Representative  Rachel Peterson
Graduate Dean (ex officio) Kathy Ermler
VP of Student Affairs (ex officio) Jim Williams
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Hace Committee

Chair Stacey Braun
Director of Diversity Activities Marla Darby
Assistant Director, Project Challenge Julie  Cayton
Director, Educational Talent Search Shanna Eggers
Community Relations Officer Nancy Horst
VP for Student Affairs Jim Williams
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Honors Council

Chair (Director of Honors Program) William Clamurro
Faculty, Eng/Mod Lang/Journalism Kevin Rabas
Faculty, Liberal Arts and Sciences Sheryl Lidzey
Faculty, Counselor Ed Melissa Reed
Faculty, Business Admin and Ed Marian Riedy
Complex Coordinator, Res Life Nick Holmes
President, Phi Kappa Phi (ex officio) Heidi  Hamilton
Faculty, Eng/Mod Lang/Journalism Amy Sage Webb
SAC Office (ex officio) Shelly  Gehrke
Adivising Liaison Joyce  Zhou
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Parking Committee

Chair Elected at first meeting
Faculty Representative  Sunnin   Keosybounheung
Faculty Representative John Barnett
Classified Staff Representative  Gretchen  Mitchell
Classified Staff Representative Danae  Coffee
Student Representative  Amanda Rose
Student Representative Kevin Ash
Unclassified Staff Representative  Shelby Clark
Unclassified Staff Representative Greg  Larson
Director of Facilities (ex officio) Mark Runge
VP for Admin and FA Ray Hauke
Classified Staff Member Davy Dollins
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Performing Arts Board

Chair Matt Parra
Executive Secretary Britney Hinrichs
Faculty Representative, LA&S  Diane Nutbrown
Faculty Representative, LA&S Susan Kendrick
Faculty Representative Andrew Smith
Student Representative, Music Seth Williams
Student Representative, Theatre Kylie Geiman
Student Representative, Outside Depts  Matt Parra
Student Representative, Outside Depts Sadie  Pile
Student Representative, Debate Joy Baker
Dean, LA&S (ex officio) Marie Miller
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Radiation Safety Committee

Chair (Radiation Safety Officer) Eric Trump
Faculty, Physical Sciences Jorge  Ballister
Faculty, Biological Sciences Scott  Crupper
VP for Admin and FA Ray  Hauke
Faculty, Physical Sciences Rich  Sleezer
Director, Facilities Mark  Runge
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Research and Creativity Board

Chair Elected at first meeting
Executive Secretary Kathy Ermler
Faculty Representative, SLIM  Cameron Tuai
Faculty Representative, LA&S  Chris    Lovett
Faculty Representative, LA&S Nancy Pontius
Faculty Representative, LA&S  Daniel  Miller
Faculty Representative, LA&S Christine Morales
Faculty Representative, Business   Dipak Ghosh
Faculty Representative, Business  Raffaele DeVito
Faculty Representative, Teacher's College Gaelynn   Wolf Bordonaro
Faculty Representative, Teacher's College Melissa  Reed
Faculty Representative, Teacher's College  Kelly O'neal-Hixon
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Residency Committee

Chair  Elected at first meeting
Executive Secretary (Registrar) Elaine Henrie
Vice President of Student Affairs Jim Williams
Faculty Representative Amanda   Miracle
Faculty Representative Jim  Persinger
Faculty Representative George Durler
Student Representative Allex Dysart
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Satisfactory Academic Progress Committee

Chair Connie Corcoran
Unclassified Representative Jacue   Schmidt
Unclassified Representative Shelly   Gehrke
Unclassified Representative Kristi  Bolen
Unclassified Representative June  Coleman
Unclassified Representative Mary  Mitsui
Unclassified Representative Lendi  Bland
Unclassified Representative Jun  Yu
Unclassified Representative Allan Comstock
Unclassified Representative Nelda  Epp
Unclassified Representative Roxanne Riegler
Unclassified Representative Eric  Trump
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Special Events Board

Chair Elected at first meeting
Exec Secretary (campus act. Coordinator) Blythe Eddy
Faculty Representative Susan   Mai
Faculty Representative Shawna Shane
Faculty Representative Joyce Zhou
Faculty Representative  James Ehlers
Student Representative Micheal  Torres
Student Representative Samantha  Beye
Student Representative Hannah Carlson
Student Representative  Tabitha Keast
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Student Media Board

Chair Elected at first meeting
Faculty Advisor, Bulletin Amy Sage Webb
Faculty Advisor, Sunflower Linda Drake
Editor, Bulletin Susan  Welte
Editor, Sunflower Neucasha Greene
Director of Media Relations (ex officio) Umair Abbasi
Ad Manager (ex officio) Ashley
Business Manager (ex officio) Seipei Huang
Student Representative Chelsea Pfannesnstiel
Student Representative Adam Helmer
Student Representative Paul  Knackendoffell
Student Representative Jordan Gobely
Faculty Representative Tom Slocombe
Faculty Representative Cynthia Patton
Faculty Representative Angie Brunk
Dean, Students (ex officio) Lynn Hobson
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Academic Affairs-FS Lynnette Schriener
Student Representative Brandon Schrader
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Tuition Assistance

Chair Elected at first meeting
Exec Secretary Taime Pitchford Pitchford
Tech/Paraprofessional Representative Rob   Gibson
Tech/Paraprofessional Representative Adam Sergeant
Admin/Professional Representative Umair Abbasi
Clerical Representative Nancy Standiferd
Academic Representative  Jan    Gerstner
Academic Representative Andra Baldwin
HR Director (ex officio) Judy Anderson
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Undergraduate Academic Advising 

Co-Chair Gary Wyatt
Co-Chair Shelly Gehrke
Substitute for Shelly Stacey Braun
Executive Secretary Kim Massoth
Faculty, Teacher's College   Jim  Costello
Faculty, Teacher's College Damon  Leiss
Faculty, LA&S   Jean   DeDonder
Faculty, LA&S Karen Manners-Smith
Faculty, Business  Bill Barnes
Faculty, TRiO Program Kristi Bolen
At-large Positions (various) Sharon Brown
At-large Positions (various) Jim  Ryan
At-large Positions (various) Sheila Markowitz
Student Representative   Danae Coffee
Student Representative Jade Sparks
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University Master Plan Committee

Chair Mark  Runge
Building Maintenance Dick  Weatherholt
Building Maintenance Rich  Jensen
Faculty Representative  George Durler
Faculty Representative  Monica Kjellman-Chapin
Faculty Representative  Matt Howe
Faculty Representative Jim   Bartruff
Memorial Union Representative Roger Heineken
Ex officio Jim   Costello
Student Representative  Matt Johnson
Student Representative  Yukii Hoshino
Student Representative Shea Stringer
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Visual Arts Board

Chair Michelle Parkman
Executive Secretary Britney Hinrichs
Faculty Representative, LA&S  Nancy Pontius
Faculty Representative, outside  Theresa Mitchell
Faculty Representative, outside Melissa Bailey
Student Representative, Art Katie  Potter
Student Representative, Art Jessica Rice
Student Representative Benny Bowden  
Student Representative, outside Art   Crystal  Maurath
Student Representative, outside Art Molly Poe
Dean, LA&S (ex officio) Marie Miller
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Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, & Creative Activities

Chair Tim   Burnett
Executive Secretary Kim Massoth
Faculty Representative, LA&S Tim   Burnett
Faculty Representative, LA&S Marcia Schulmeister
Faculty Representative, LA&S Deb Gerish
Faculty Representative, Business   Jun  Yu
Faculty Representative, Business Kalyan  Chakraborty
Faculty Representative, Teachers   Paul Luebbers
Faculty Representative, Teachers Carol  Daniels
ASG Student Julie Ma
Student Representative Riley Sinon
Student Representative Danielle Lockhart
Student Representative Dallas Shafer
Associate Dean, LA&S (ex officio) Gary Wyatt
Director, Honors Program (ex officio) William  Clamurro