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While you can search the main White Library catalog and find SMEC resources, we are working on resource guides to help  you too! When you find a resource of interest, be sure to record the3 letters and number so we can locate it easily.  Resource guides are found here:

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The best way to search SMEC resources is to come in and see us!  In addition, you can search most SMEC materials online through the ESU William Allen White Library Online Catalog.  Among the resources not searchable in the online main library catalog are posters, periodicals, and games. Below are pictures from the center showing books and activity kits for check-out.

Math Section    Kits   Kits Close-up

The Center uses a chronological classification system that consists of 3 letters and a number. The letters are stylized abbreviations of the subject category and the number represents the position of the book in that category.  For example, MDP 11 is "Math Department: Graphing Calculator 11" and MRD 558 is "K-6 Math Reading Material 558." 

 Graphing Calculator                 mrd 558

  Listed below are all of the codes currently used to categorize SMEC materials.

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Latest update 03/04/2014.