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Kansas Small Business Development Center

Mid-West Business Service

Mid-West Business Service

2005 Existing Business of the Year

On January 1, 1999, Patrick Johnson took the opportunity of a lifetime and bought Mid-West Business Service in Emporia, Kansas, a producer of all types of business forms.   The business was well-established and Pat had worked for the company since it began in 1965, starting out in maintenance and working his way up to become the owner.  He had seen the company grow through the years and as the owner, wanted to expand the product line and make it bigger and better.

When Pat contacted the Emporia State University KSBDC in 2000, he had a five-year plan outlining what he wanted to accomplish with Mid-West Business Service in terms of expanding its products to include book binding, increasing the forms business and adding employees.  The KSBDC’s role was to assist with financial projections in order to obtain adequate expansion capital to sustain a healthy cash flow and accomplish company goals.

Since Pat’s acquisition of Mid-West Business Service, he has stayed with the five-year plan, always modifying and improving on it.  In 2000, Pat successfully obtained expansion capital with a SBA guaranteed loan.  Since that time, the company has increased its production of business forms and added new products and services.  Along with the growth in production and sales, Mid-West has added new equipment to increase quality and production capacity.  As a proactive business owner, Pat sees more growth, expansion, and updated equipment in the future of the company.  Congratulations to Pat Johnson and the employees of Mid-West Business Service for sustaining and growing a solid and successful company!