Required Employment Posters

Federal and Kansas State law requires that certain posters be displayed in the work place. Businesses are required to display as many as nine (9) posters; only eight (8) if not employing anyone under 18 years of age.

Required State Posters

  • Equal Opportunity in Employment
  • Child Labor Poster
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Workers’  Compensation

Required Federal Posters

  • Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Polygraph
  • Minimum Wages
  • FMLA
  • OSHA
  • DOL Military Family Leave
  • IRS Notice 797
  • USERRA Rights and Benefits Notice
  • USCIS Discrimination Notice
  • Employee "Right to Know" Notice
  • Emergency Numbers
  • Payday Notice


For more information on any of the posters, how to order them, or print your own, please visit The Kansas Department of Labor website:

Kansas Department of Labor