Will probation affect my Financial Aid award?


Probation status may affect your status with Financial Aid. If you are on probation, you may not have met one or more of the requirements for Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid. If this is the case, you may choose to complete a Financial Aid appeal which will be reviewed by financial aid personnel to determine if you will be allowed to receive aid. 

The Financial Aid Office reviews satisfactory progress requirements of each student. Undergraduate students will fall into one of three categories:

  • students in good standing
  • students who are on a Financial Aid Contract
  • students on a "Continuation Contract"

Students in good standing are evaluated at the end of each spring semester. Undergraduate students will remain in good standing if they:

  1. Successfully complete at lease 67% of all credits ever attempted.
  2. Earn the minimum GPA for their class level (1.80 for freshmen and 2.00 GPA for sophomores, juniors, and seniors).
  3. Do not exceed the maximum limits of credits attempted.

Undergraduate students who do not meet the above requirements will be denied financial aid for any future enrollment periods. Students who are denied have the option of submitting an appeal to explain extenuating circumstances that may have contributed to their unsatisfactory performance. To appeal, students must submit the appropriate appeal form (http://www.emporia.edu/dotAsset/02621631-c397-43ba-9b8c-2c59eff83316.pdf) and an advisor approved schedule for the upcoming semester. If the appeal is approved, the student will be placed on a Financial Aid Contract.

Financial Aid Contract Requires:

  1. Successful completion of 100% (not 67% as noted above) of the semester credits for which they were funded.
  2. A 2.00 GPA for the semester (Graduate students must earn a 3.00 GPA).
  3. The minimum cumulative GPA for their class level (1.80 for freshmen and 2.00 for sophomores, juniors, and seniors).
  4. Not exceeding the maximum limits of credits attempted.
  5. An evaluation at the end of each semester for Satisfactory Progress.

Continuation Contract:

Students on a continuation contract have met the terms of their most recent contract, (i.e. completed the required number of credits with the required gpa), but who do not have the required cumulative GPA and/or who have not completed 67% of all credits attempted. Each semester, until the cumulative GPA and the percentage of completion requirements are met, these students must:

  1. Meet with their advisor to discuss and develop an approporiate schedule for the next semester.
  2. Successfully complete 100% of the semester credits for which they were funded.
  3. Must earn a 2.00 GPA for the semester.


Be sure to speak with a Financial Aid representative to understand your individual obligations and options with regard to Financial Aid funding.



When in good standing with Financial Aid, I must earn the minimum GPA for my class level and successfully complete what percentage of my total attempted credits?