Academic Probation Workshop

Adapted with permission from JoAnn Hertz, Director of Student Success Center, Idaho State University.

This workshop was designed to help you understand what may have contributed to you not doing as well academically as you could have. It will also provide information about available resources in the upcoming semesters.

The Student Advising Center will provide you with information that should help you move toward academic excellence, but you must take responsibility for assessing what it is you specifically need to do to be successful, and then apply what you learn to future semesters.

You may be taking this workshop because you are required to do so, or you may be taking the workshop for other reasons. If it is a requirement, a SAC hold has been placed on your records which prevents your ability to enroll in classes. After you have completed the workshop and submitted your academic plan, your registration hold will be cleared within approximately one working day.

At the end of this online workshop, you will be required to submit responses to the questions below. Take notes for yourself as you progress through the session so you will be ready to write and submit your responses without delay.

  • What led you to earning a probation status?
  • What will you do differently in the future to avoid getting into trouble academically?
  • What resources will be helpful to you in the future?

As part of your Academic Contract, you may be required to meet regularly with either the assistant director or the director of the Student Advising Center so they are able to monitor your progress and help you get back on track.


The Student Advising Center has academic advisors for each major at Emporia State University.