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Bill Saueressig - Assistant Director of Faciltities

Pictrue of BillI have been at ESU long enough to be considered a “Lifer”, through three name changes, five different University Presidents and at least seven different “Bosses”.  I have enjoyed every minute of it. Coming to work each day and doing things that I can proudly say “ I did that” has been my goal. Many young people have worked for me as student maintenance assistants over the years and I like to think that I may have in some way made an influence in their lives.

 The inner workings of Morse Hall Complex was my assignment for over thirty years, but now I get to work with the facilities, staff and students of all the buildings in the Residential Life Family here at ESU. Solving the problems of keeping nearly 40 % of our university up and running is challenging and enjoyable.

 My wife and I have always enjoyed traveling and exploring our nation’s past, having done the Oregon and Santa Fe trails, Route 66 and many old forts. We plan to continue this in retirement. I enjoy woodworking and have built myself a shop for that purpose. We enjoy camping and all three grandkids think our trailer is the neatest thing. We have all the National Parks on our “Bucket List”.