Your Guide to Move-In!

Move-In Day at Emporia State is an exciting time and one the entire Hornet Community comes out for! This page will help you get ready for move-in and hopefully answer all of your questions!

Photo of Move in

The information on this page is for students moving into Towers, Singular, Trusler or Morse. Our Hornet Helpers and moving passes are only available to help our new students. Our returning students will have carts available to them.

Residents of Morse Complex Move-In Schedule (August 18th)


All Morse Residents


Meal plans for our Morse Complex residents will begin at lunch on 8/18/16

Residents of North Tower, South Tower, Singular & Trusler Halls (August 19th) will move in according to the First Letter of their Last Name. These groupings will be updated soon.

Move In Time

Last Name













Meal plans for our Towers Complex residents will begin at dinner on 8/19/16

Move-In Timeline

What to expect leading up to and including Move-In Day! There is a step-by-step visual guide to the actual check-in process below as well.

Important Links and Information

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a parking permit?

Complete the online parking request form (information included in your assignment email. You can pick up your parking permit at Police & Safety when you arrive for Move-In.

What furniture is already in my room?

Each resident is provided a bed, extra-long twin mattress, desk, desk chair, and closet or wardrobe. you can check out floor plans of the different rooms by clicking "Living On Campus" at the top navigation and selecting either "First-Year Residence Halls" or "Upper-Class Residence Halls".

What is a Resident Assistant?

Your Resident Assistant (RA) is a student just like you. Each RA lives on a floor and is responsible for creating a good community and planning events for the floor. You should talk to your RA first with concerns or questions!

Can I bunk or loft my bed?

To have your bed bunked or lofted prior to your arrival, complete the request form in the Residential Life Portal. If bunking, your roommate will also need to complete the form to ensure the request is mutual. Bunking is available in all buildings. Lofting is available for students in Singular, Trusler & North or South Towers. We are only able to loft very few beds on move-in day. For requests made on Move-In Day, we will have a sign-up sheet at the Reception Center.

How do I get cable?

Each room is cable-ready and you can purchase cable through Cable One by calling 620-342-3535.

How do I access the internet?

Wireless internet is provided throughout the residence halls and wired Ethernet ports are provided, in your room, for optimum connectivity. Our IT support staff will be on site during move-in for additional assistance.

Meningitis Compliance

Meningococcal Vaccination:  A meningitis vaccination is required for students living on campus. If you have not been vaccinated in your home a country, the Office of International Education will provide a time for you to get vaccinated within your orientation, for a fee of $110.  A form for waiving this meningococcal vaccination requirement, due to medical or religious reasons, is available through the Emporia State University Wellness Center. For more information regarding this vaccination or other wellness needs, visit:

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