Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I send my outgoing mail?

Regular mail can be dropped in the outgoing mail slot located near the reception center in each hall. The US Postal Service typically picks up outgoing mail in the morning.  

How do I open my mailbox?

You can get your combination from the reception center. You will need to know your room number and have your student ID. Mailboxes may be a little tricky to get open the first time, follow instructions carefully and remember: practice makes perfect!

How do I know if I have a package and how can I get it?

Packages can come throughout the day depending on the delivery schedule of the driver. Once a package is received, a slip will be placed in your mailbox. You can retrieve your package from the reception center. Make sure to bring your ID and the package slip.

Where can I mail a package?

The Union Welcome Desk can help you send most basic packages via US Mail. If additional help is needed you can go to the US Post Office or the UPS service center in the Emporia community. The Post Office is located at 625 Merchant St and UPS is located at 3204 W. 6th St.

Do you have postage stamps/envelopes for sale at the desk?

The Reception Centers do not handle monetary transactions of any kind and therefore do not sell postage or envelopes. The Memorial Union Welcome Center sells envelopes and postage.

How do my parents address mail to the residence halls? 

Anyone sending you mail with need a couple of pieces of information: Your name, room number and hall name, and the university address:  1200 Commercial St. Mail should be addressed this way:

Your Name

Room Number and Hall Name

1200 Commercial St

Emporia, KS 66801

What time does the mail arrive and get put in the boxes?

Mail delivery varies depending on the day and the schedule of the mail carrier but your mail is typically available by early afternoon.  Each reception center has a sign where they will indicate if mail has been sorted for the day.



What do I do if I get locked out?

The reception center assistant can assist you if you have been locked out. They will verify your name matches the resident of that room and will escort you to unlock the door. You will have to supply your ID to verify your identity, if the ID is locked in the room they will ask you to present it after they have let you into the room.

How many lockouts are free?

The first two lockouts are free. Each additional time is $10, billed to your university account.



Where are the laundry facilities?

Laundry facilities are provided at no charge to residents of the halls. A laundry room is located in each building; in North and South Towers they are located on the 1st Floor, in Morse and Singular the laundry is located on the Ground Floor.

How do I find lost laundry?

After laundry has been left unattended for more than a day, housekeeping will remove it and deliver it to the reception center and can be claimed there. Laundry unclaimed for an extended period of time will be donated.

Can the desk move someone’s laundry that is still in the machine?

No. Desk employees will not remove laundry. If left unattended for more than a day, housekeeping with remove and turn into lost and found.

What cleaning supplies are available?

The reception center keeps a supply of window cleaner, disinfectant, brooms, and vacuums for residents to use to keep their rooms clean.



Can I make change at the front desk?

The reception center does not handle monetary transactions of any kind.

The vending machine is broken; it took my money but didn’t give me anything.

The ID center, located in the Memorial Union, is responsible for the vending machines on campus. If you inform the Reception Center of the problem they can call ahead to the ID Center to let them know you are coming.

How do I get billed for this? (lockouts, replacement keys)

Any fees are turned into the university cashiers office. Payment can be made through Buzz-In or by going to the cashiers office, located in Plum Hall.  



What is the guest policy?

Guests must be accompanied by the resident at all times.

I’m expecting a visitor. Can you let them in?

Resident must meet guests at the door. If a guest knocks and is let in by a reception center assistant, the resident must meet the guest at the desk. Unaccompanied guests will not be allowed in the building.


If you have any additional questions please contact us by phone at 620.341.5264, by email at, on Twitter or on Facebook.