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Residential Life

Working in Residential Life we have the opportunity to serve amazing students. We believe in order to best serve our students we need to do more than just provide a room. We work towards providing a rewarding experience that offers support while challenging and preparing our students to be successful members of a global society. We enrich the University experience through community, engagement and personal development.

Photo of students and the President at the Annual Towers Competition
In order to fulfill our mission we need to know the areas in which we excel in and those where we need improvement. We are a learning-focused organization that listens to the voices of our stakeholders and as such we will continue with ongoing assessment of our efforts. The different types of assessment we will completing include:

  • Satisfaction Based: In order to better understand our students' and other stakeholders' experiences we may assess the satisfaction with different services we offer. Examples of this may include how satisfied a student was with the cleanliness of their room upon move in, or the level of satisfaction with the Hornet Helpers on Move-In day. Knowing where our students are most/least satisfied helps us understand where our efforts may have the greatest impact.

  • Usage Based: To use our resources more effectively we will need to know what resources are most used, when and by whom. Examples of this may include checking out games at the front desk or when lock changes are most likely to occur. Knowing these trends allow us to be proactive and, if possible, reallocate resources to serve students better.

  • Learning Based: We are an educational institution and focus heavily on learning. We assess this learning to know how well we have accomplished our goals. This includes asking direct questions of students that require them to show the knowledge they have gained or asking them to self-report what learning as occurred. Examples of this may include asking students if living on campus has increased their ability to interact with people from different backgrounds, or to list one way in which living on campus has helped increase their ability to handle conflict effectively.

  • Benchmark Based: As much as we focus on internal improvement we also want to see how we compare to similar institutions. Doing so helps us stay current in the field and see what sets us apart from other institutions. Participating in these benchmarking studies helps by painting a more complete picture of Student Affairs and the state of Higher Education across the country. We partner with various national organizations for these benchmarking surveys.

    Photo of New Student Move-in at the Towers Complex

For each of our assessment projects we will provide a brief description of the project and a link to a PDF summary of the data. If you have any questions regarding these projects please contact Paul Jacobson-Miller the Assistant Director of Residential Life at

Fall Floor Feedback 2013: Each Fall semester we send out an anonymopus survey to all of our resdients to assess the satisfaction and learning that occurs as a result of living in the resdience halls. We compare the data on this survey to the data from last year's Fall Feedback to se how we compate to this same time the previous year. Check out the summary of our 2013 Fall Floor Feedback here.

Hornet Orientation 2013: How2ESU assesses the success of the entire Hornet Orientation Program that takes place beginning with move-in and through the first week of class. We have taken out the questions and comments addressing the Residential Life specific events (Towers Competition and First Floor Meetings). Check out the summary of those questions here.

Move-In Survey 2013: This was the first year we decided to assess our move-in efforts. We sent out a survey to the parents/guardians and students who had enrolled for the 2013-2014 academic year. 147 people completed the short survey. Check out the summary of the data here.

Spring Floor Feedback 2013: Each Spring we assess the satisfaction and learning in our communities through our Spring Floor Feedback Survey. There are some similar questions to the Fall Feedback, so we can make comparisons from one semester to the next. Check out the summary of the data here.

RA Selection Process 2013: We sent out a survey to the candidates that had interviewed with us for a position as a Resident Assistant. The survey was completely anonymous and asked for feedback about the entire selection process. Check out the summary of the date here.

Fall Floor Feedback 2012: We send out a survey to all of our students at the end of each fall semester that looks at the satisfaction and learning that occurs as a result of living on campus. Check out the summary of the data here.