Education CommunityThe Education Residential Learning Community (Education RLC) is the place to be for education majors. By living in one of our ERLC’s you will be a part of an exciting community that is interested in education. We have Education RLC's in both the Morse and Towers Complex!


Student event in Memorial Union BallroomBenefits of this community Include:


Building a connection with The Teachers College!

  • We are partnering with The Teachers College to bring in faculty, have activities and events that compliment the academic curriculum and prepare you to be the best teacher you can be!

A community of educators!

  • When you live with people in the same major it is easy to get together for study groups, ask questions about the material or just relax after class. You become close with a lot of the people on your floor and in your field.

Staff to support you:

  • Typically our Resident Assistants on our ERLC are education majors themselves so you have someone who has taken the same classes as you to go to for help. There is also more involvement from our professional staff in the Residential Learning Communities!


The Education RLC has a curriculum of activities throughout the year.

The 2014-2015 academic year focus areas are:


August: Getting to know the community! The start of any community is focused on residents getting to know each other and building community on their floor. This will involve ice breakers and teambuilding activities to build comfort and familiarity while identifying common factors within the group.

September: Great teacher’s in your life! Residents will examine the great teachers in their own lives to better grasp the motivation and beliefs that drove them toward education.

October/November: Education and pop-culture! Media and popular culture play a huge role in shaping society. Education and teachers are a popular subject in Hollywood. We will be looking at messages, beliefs and overall impact these movies have on the teaching profession by watching and discussing popular movies.Snow day at Emporia State

Closing Meeting: Community Events! With finals approaching, closing events for the floor community will focus on fun and de-stressing!

February: Bullying in Schools. Teachers play a unique role in setting norms around bullying and being able to spot bullying and step in. This month will focus on the problem bullying presents and what initiatives are in place around the country to set up a culture of care and bystander empowerment.

April: Diversity, privilege and Micro-aggressions! Society is ever changing and Education is a major area where we see those demographics changing before our eyes. Education is also an excellent catalyst for change. We will delve into the concepts of privilege and micro-aggressions from a societal standpoint and how they affect classroom dynamics.

Closing Meeting: Ending the year right! Almost as significant as how you begin the year; how you end the year is important to the community teachers build in the classroom. The end of the year is both a time for celebration and reflection. Residents will have the opportunity to reflect on the year and be able to say goodbye to the friends they have made while celebrating a successful year!