Scholars Community


The Scholar Residential Learning Community will enhance the educational experience of residents on the floor by providing a co-curricular experience that builds off of and compliments learning within happening inside the classroom. The curriculum will develop the students as scholars, connect with the Honors program, cultivate relationships between students and faculty and encourage dialogue that will enhance their experience at Emporia State University.

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Learning Outcomes

As a result of living in the Scholar Residential Learning Community, residents will be able to:



Life on the floor

Each month, the resident assistant and a faculty member teaching within the Emporia State Honors Program will co-facilitation a discussion on the floor to enhance the learning environment. Discussion topics will vary but could include happenings in the classroom or around campus as well as discussions about current events and the monthly community learning theme. In addition, during the spring semester, members of this floor will have the opportunity to develop a semester-long service learning project within the Emporia community.

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Monthly Themes

August/ September: Communication

October: Identity

November: Introduction to scholarly research

January: Civic engagement

February/ March: Preparing for academic conferences and presentations

April/ May: Global citizenship