Global Living Community


Students Visiting a Nursing Home


The Global Residential Learning Community (Global RLC) is a community that allows students to expand their world views, appreciate and understand cultures other than their own, and learn more about their own culture. Residents from a variety of cultures are represented in this community.Residential Life will work in collaboration with the Office of International Education and the Office of Multicultural Affairs to create meaningful interactions and experiences for residents.


Learning Outcomes:

As a result of living in the Global Community, residents will be able to:

  • Distinguish aspects of one’s own culture.
  • Produce a project for International Culture week representing cultures of the community.
  • Draw connections between one’s own culture and other cultures represented on the floor, in the community, and at Emporia State University.
  • Discuss current world events.

Benefits of living on a Global RLC

Building Relationships!

  • Develop relationships with students who have experiences different from your own. Through these relationships you will get to know more about the day to day life in other communities around the world.

Learning Experiences!

Students at a Community Service Project

  • Planned and unplanned learning opportunities happen in a Global RLC. Planned opportunities will be facilitated by Residential Life staff and other campus offices. These experiences are intentionally planned to create connections among residents and facilitate deeper learning of other cultures.

Supportive Staff!

  • There will be a Resident Assistant that works directly with each Global RLC. Additionally, the Complex Coordinator will work to support the success of each community and residents individually.

Community Experiences

Members of a Global RLC will have many experiences that allow them to explore their own culture and the cultures of other community members. Some specific activities include: Culture Foods Dinners, a service project in the Emporia community, a World Affairs Conversation, and participation in the International Culture Show hosted by the Office of International Education.