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Mark your calendars for Research & Creativity Day - May 1, 2014

April 14, 2014 - deadline for abstracts for Research & Creativity Day.  More information


Important - Applying to Private Foundations

ESU Faculty are encouraged to seek external funding from private foundations.  However, it is important that you coordinate your efforts with the ESU Foundation.  The ESU Foundation regularly approaches local and community foundations.  It is important that there be a coordinated effort and approval of visits and proposals to agencies such as the Emporia Community Foundation, Kansas Health Foundation, Sunflower Foundation, The Jones Trust, and others.  Often these grantors may only accept one proposal from an institution, therefore the ESU Foundation needs to be aware of all proposals and contacts to these entities.  Additionally, the ESU Foundation can also be of assistance in your efforts to seek external funding from these agencies. If the decision is made to go ahead with an individual proposal, ESU Foundation staff are in an excellent position to give you advice and suggestions for a successful proposal.

If you are interested in approaching a local or regional private foundation for a grant project, you should first contact Donna Breshears, Executive Assistant, ESU Foundation, at extension 6475, or at  If you are encouraged to proceed, you will work with the ESU Foundation as well as with the Research and Grants Center.  When the proposal is ready to be submitted, you will continue to use the Digital Proposal Transmittal Form to obtain institutional approval.  This form has been revised to include a signature line for the ESU Foundation. If you have any questions about this information, please contact us in the Research and Grants Center.  This policy is not intended to discourage anyone from requesting funds from a private foundation. Rather it is intended to coordinate our efforts so our proposals are stronger and have a better chance of success.

QUEST magazine highlights research activity at Emporia State University.  The first two issues focused on established faculty/researchers at ESU. The most recent issue highlights activity of new faculty.

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Federal Compliance Policies

Faculty, staff, and students involved in research activities at Emporia State University should be aware of the different compliance regulations that govern research activities. 

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