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Announcement and News

U.S. Department of Education awards new grant to ESU's Department of Counselor Education

The U.S. Department of Education has awarded a new grant to ESU's Department of Counselor Education entitled “Get the Heartland Working! Training Highly Competent Rehabilitation Counselors.” The five-year grant addresses a critical shortage of qualified personnel in rural Kansas and Nebraska by making rehabilitation education accessible online, reaching out to working human services paraprofessionals who want to advance in the field. The project will implement a 48-credit hour, CORE-accredited, online master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling by recruiting 20 academically excellent scholars from rural Kansas and Nebraska, culminating in the placement of highly competent rehabilitation counselors into state, federal, and community-based vocational rehabilitation counselor positions throughout the Heartland. The Heartland grant proposal was developed by a cross-disciplinary team of faculty, coordinated by Miller, whose co-authors are Dr. Damara Paris, who will be joining Counselor Education faculty and serving as director of the grant January 2015; Dr. Marj Bock of Special Education & Adaptive; and Counselor Education Chair Dr. Jim Costello. Year one of the grant award is $184,548, with annual renewals through September 30, 2019. The total grant award will bring $918,730 to the university.

Updated Policy for Applying to Private Foundations

ESU faculty are encouraged to seek external funding from private foundations. However, you need to coordinate your efforts with the ESU Foundation. New procedures have been adopted in order to facilitate this and to ensure that our proposals to private foundations are stronger and have a better chance of success. Please read this policy before you approach a private foundation or develop a grant proposal.  Policy for Applying to Private Foundations