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New Human Subjects Research Training

Emporia State University is now a participating institution in the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) programs.  Through the training programs offered by CITI, ESU can provide faculty and students up-to-date training on human subjects research (HSR), animal care and use, Responsible Conduct of Research, Financial Conflicts of Interest, and other areas in which academic institutions must maintain compliance in order to receive federal funds.  HSR training is the first of these programs to be offered.  Effective immediately, all faculty and student researchers at ESU seeking approval to use human subjects in research must register with CITI and complete the Human Subjects Research training program.  The current training module in Canvas will NOT be available after Friday, January 23. 

The CITI HSR training program has been customized for ESU and contains courses for IRB members and two "learner" groups: Social/Behavioral/Educational Researchers and Biological/Biomedical Researchers.  Most researchers at ESU will fall in the Social/Behavioral/Educational group.  The training module includes 8-10 courses plus electives, and researchers must receive at least an 80% score to successfully complete the training.  Please be aware that this training cannot be completed in a few hours - you will need to allow several days to complete all of the courses.  The program is web-based and may be accessed from anywhere.  Certificates of Completion are good for three years, at which time participants will be automatically notified to take a "refresher" course. 

We are excited for this opportunity to provide up-to-date training for our campus in areas that are becoming critical in maintaining compliance with federal regulations.  We will be announcing the availability of other modules throughout the spring semester.  Please contact the Research and Grants Center if you have any questions.

Instructions for accessing CITI HSR training

Kansas Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol - Wednesday, February 11, 2015 - Watch for more information!

Updated Policy for Applying to Private Foundations

ESU faculty are encouraged to seek external funding from private foundations. However, you need to coordinate your efforts with the ESU Foundation. New procedures have been adopted in order to facilitate this and to ensure that our proposals to private foundations are stronger and have a better chance of success. Please read this policy before you approach a private foundation or develop a grant proposal.  Policy for Applying to Private Foundations


Federal Compliance

Faculty, staff, and students involved in research activities at Emporia State University should be aware of the different compliance regulations that govern research activities. 

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The Research and Grants Center has forms you need for research projects and grant administration. 

  1. Application Form for Approval to Use Human Participants
  2. Application Form for Approval to Use Vertebrate Animals
  3. Disclosure Form Regarding Conflicts of Financial Interest
  4. Simple Time and Effort Report Form
  5. Activity Distribution Report Form
  6. Export Control Determination Form
  7. Export Control Certification
  8. Request for Time Extension, Annual Update or Modification to Research Protocol
  9. Invention Disclosure Form

For additional Forms click on the Resources menu at the top.

Research Protections

The Research and Grants Center provides support and policy information related to Research Protections.  The following policies can be found by clicking the links below.

Human Participant Research (IRB)

Use of Vertebrate Animals


Quest Magazine

QUEST magazine highlights research activity at Emporia State University.  The first two issues focused on established faculty/researchers at ESU. The most recent issue highlights activity of new faculty.

2013 Quest

2012 Quest

2011 Quest

Research & Creativity Day videos

The following videos are available from Research & Creativity Day, 2014:

Three Minute Thesis:

Poster Session:

Award Ceremony:

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