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If Emporia State University students need help preparing a lesson on "Kansas Day" for their methods class, they need look no further than The Teachers College Resource Center, located on the second floor of Visser Hall.

Established in the summer of 1979, the Resource Center was developed as "a model of inter-institutional cooperation." The center was designed to combine the resources collections of the Teachers College and the special needs collections of the Flint Hills Instructional Materials Center (F H I M C), a division of the Flint Hills Educational Cooperative which includes seven school districts from the surrounding area: North Lyon County, U S D 251; Southern Lyon County, 252; Madison-Virgil, U S D 386; Hamilton, U S D 390; Morris County, U S D 417; and Chase County, U S D 284; and Emporia, U S D 253. IMC page

The Resource Center, which is funded jointly by the university and the Flint Hills Educational Cooperative, provides area educators with a wealth of materials and services.

The resources of the center are available to any personnel within the seven districts, or any university faculty, students or staff. The purpose of the center is basically twofold. We have tried to create an environment where prospective teachers may have access to teaching materials that they may find in classrooms anywhere in the state. We want them to learn how to find and use those support materials. The second purpose is to provide support materials for  learners in the schools.

The center's inventory includes videos, children's books, multi-media packages, curriculum sets, a variety of other print and non-print items, and computer software. The center also provides lamination services.

The Resource Center also houses two special collections. The center serves as the state's law related education clearinghouse. Funded by the Kansas State Bar Association, the center houses, maintains, and circulates a large collection of law related education materials. The materials, which are available to any teacher or law professional, may be requested from the center by phone or in writing.

Gary and Barbara Bleeker, professors at Emporia State University, are the recipients of hundreds of books for children and young adults each year. The Bleekers review many of these for the Topeka Capital Journal, and use others in education workshops they teach throughout the state. They used to keep many of these books in their offices and invited students to use them there. This arrangement turned out to be inconvenient, and the solution was to donate the books to the Teachers College Resource Center. The Bleekers' goal was to place the books where they would do the most good. At the Resource Center, the books can be used by the college population and teachers in seven school districts, including and surrounding Emporia. The collection now has over 2,000 books and is constantly updated. Since the collection was added to the Resource Center almost three years ago, there has been an increase in the usage of the Resource Center, as students check out many of these books daily.

Our hours of operation during the Fall and Spring Semester are as follows:

Monday - Thursday: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  Summer hours are as follows:

Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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Reference:  Free Search Of An Encyclopedia, Almanac and Dictionary. Resource page for locating articles  Resources for Education.  Merriam-Webster Online.

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Science: Kids will LOVE this site full of answers to all their "Why?" questions! Health site for kids that discusses all the body's changes that comes with growing up Interactive site teaching kids the benefits of recycling, all in Recycle City!  American Museum of Natural History, great resource for hands-on activities. Great student work page full of research information for middle level. Earthwatch.  National Science Teachers Association.  Stalking The Mysterious Microbe. Hooked On Gardening. Responsible Pet Care. Chemical Elements Brought To Life In Comic Strips.  The Science Learning Network.  The Periodic Table.

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Service Learning:  Getting Young People To Become Active Citizens And Leaders In Their Communities.  Teaches Environmental Awareness.

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Special Education: Site with teacher friendly lesson plans to help children with learning difficulties  Office of Special Education.   Special Education & Rehabilitation Resources. LD Online.  Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Training, Advocacy & Resources.  Disabled Sports U.S.A.  Special Olympics.

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State Curriculum Standards:  Kansas State Board of Education.

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Technology Education: Online Pin Board to Share Your Interests. Blog software Interactive Time Lines Connect images and content. Create polls Get Answers! Teach the World Better presentations! Word Clouds! Library Of Congress, Chat Rooms For Educators, For Educational Purposes  The National Center For Education Statistics.

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Transition to Adult Life:  Transition Services In The I E P.  Office of Special Education Intervention Techniques.   Special Education Resources on the Internet.  Learning Disabilities On Line Transition Resources.

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Traumatic Brain Injury:  Brain Injury Association -- To Create a Better Future.  Information, Services, and Products Relating To Traumatic Brain Injury  Massachusetts General Hospital.  Providing Relevant, Practical Information About Traumatic Brain Injury.

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