KIRSA State Workshop

Join your Kansas colleagues for the 2014 KIRSA Workshop. At the Workshop attendees will experience student development opportunities, exciting new ideas for campus communities, opportunities to connect with peers, and educational sessions to further knowledge on emerging trends in the field of collegiate recreation.

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Tentative Schedule

Wednesday, Nov 19, 2014 – ESU Memorial Student Union 9 am – Arrive at Webb Hall in the Memorial Student Union – Networking mixer with the "Official" welcoming by ESU Dean of Students, Lynn Hobson at 9:30 am


10:00 – 10:50     

Webb Hall        

Navigating a Career in Campus Recreation

Presenters: Jason Brungardt (KSU) & Amber Long (KUMC)

This presentation will review and cover information on how to navigate campus recreation as a student.  Including how to be successful, what to get involved in, things to observe, people to meet!

11:00 – 11:50 

Blue Key         

I Want That Job!
Presenter:                    Jon Randle (KU)

Got your eye on that position of leadership in your department?  Found the perfect graduate assistantship for after graduation? Or preparing to land that first full-time job?  Come learn job seeking strategies

11:00 – 11:50


Leadership 101 – Successfully Developing Partnerships.
Presenter:                    Mike Wise (ESU)

As programs around the country evolve, there is an increased demand for improved programs and services.   In order to accomplish this we often need to refine our leadership skills in order to develop new partnerships with others. Come explore how to successfully develop these key collaborative partnerships.

12:50 – 1:30   


The GA Lunchable:The Essentials.

            Presenter:                    Connor Singhisen (Friends)

Recreation programs throughout the country are looking to hire the best undergraduate students for graduate assistantships every year. Learn how to gain a competitive edge and separate yourself from the rest of the pack, and what to expect when you get there.

12:50 – 1:30   

Blue Key       

Resume Building Workshop 
Presenter:                    Jason Krone (KU)

Come and learn how to build an attractive resume that will give you an edge in gaining that Graduate Assistantship, or first professional position.

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