Volleyball Leagues


We will be taking Volleyball Entries between September 30, and October 13. To enter a team sign up online at http://www.imleagues.com. When entering a team, your entry will not be considered complete until you come down to the Student Recreation Center and pay the $30 entry fee. All fee's must be paid by 8:00pm on October 14.


ESU Recreation Services volleyball game

Their will be a mandatory captain's meeting Oct. 14, at 5:00pm in commons area of the Student Recreation Center. You must have a team member present for your team to be eligible for play. For additional information you can E-Mail us, or contact the University Recreation Programs at 341-6778.


Leagues will be offered in Men's Competitive, Men's Just for Fun, Women's, and Coed division's. Competition will begin on October 23 and will run through November 7. Games will be held in the multipurpose gym of the Student Recreation Center. Competition will begin at 5:00pm and run until 10:00pm. You may make changes to your roster through the completion of the last day of regular season. A post season tournament will be held in the competitive and coed divisions only, and all teams in these divisions who maintain a 2.6 sportsmanship rating will make the tournament. Championship T-Shirts will be awarded to the champions of their respective tournaments.


Volleyball Rules 


League Schedules