Tennis Tournament


We will be taking Tennis SINGLES entries Sept 23 -October 7 and Tennis DOUBLES enteries March 3-March 31. To enter sign up on-line at http://www.imleagues.comBoth tournament are FREE to all ESU students, faculty, and staff. You must be affiliated with the University to participate. 


During the Fall semester we will offer a singles tennis play-by-date tournament. The tournament will be offered in Men and Women divisions. Play will begin on October 8. 


During the Spring semester we will offer a double tennis play-by-date tournament. will be offered in singles and doubles and the divisions will be Men, Women, and Coed. Play will begin on April 3. 

How the Play-by-Date tournament will work:

Scheduling Set Up
Tournament brackets listing your opponent's name and phone number will be posted on-line. Go to your specific sport and division bracket to find your opponent in the appropriate round. Check the posted information concerning your phone number (extension included) to ensure the information is correct. If a correction needs to be made of the posted information, please notify the Tournament Director immediately by email at or by phone at 620-341-5944.

Contacting Opponent
Both parties are responsible for contacting their opponent to schedule a play time and place. This match must be scheduled prior to the deadline posted for that round. Contact your opponent early in the week corresponding to the deadline. Repeated phone calls are sometimes necessary. Do not procrastinate. Make every attempt to play your match before the deadline. Forfeits are an undesirable alternative.

Round deadline dates are included in the brackets. Please note the deadline date when you look up your match. The matches for each round must be completed and scores reported prior to the deadline posted for that round. Score reported after the posted deadline are not accepted.

Reporting Results

  • To report a score email or call Whitney Runer at 341-5944
  • The match winner is responsible for reporting the results. Failure to turn in a score card by the deadline will result in a double forfeit.
  • Once an established match time and location have been agreed upon, failure of an individual/team to be present after 5 minutes of the agreed upon time will result in a forfeit.