Trainer Talk Virtual Training

  • Components of a Workout

    This video briefly explains the correct structure of a workout.

  • Warm-up

    This video explains what a warm-up is, why it’s important and some examples of a warm-up.

  • Dynamic Stretching

    What dynamic stretching is, why it’s important, and examples of are given in this video.

  • Actual Workout

    The differences between aerobic and anaerobic exercise are discussed.

  • Cool-down

    What a cool-down is, why it’s important and examples of cool-downs are explained in this short video.

  • Static Stretching

    This video explains what static stretching is, the benefits of it, and some correct examples.

  • FITT Principle

    The FITT Principle is explained in this brief video.

  • SMART Goals

    Why goals are important and a guideline to set up attainable goals is discussed in this video.

  • Avoiding the Freshman 15

    Various tips are given to help those avoid the freshman fifteen.