ESU Student Recreation and Fitness Center

Facility Fees, Rules & Policies


The policies, procedures and regulations set forth are designed to provide for the safety of the patrons, security of the facility, and regulation of the facility.  Each patron should be familiar with the information contained in this document and put forth the effort to follow the directives as hereby set forth.

User Groups

Defined as those individuals who have the privilege of being a "patron" of the Student Recreation Center. Patrons must possess a "Hornet" card.

  1. Students, who pay student campus privilege fees toward the Recreation Center, for both building and equipping, and operations fees, are considered "members".
  2. Emporia State University Employees, who can gain the status of "members" by purchasing an annual membership to the Student Recreation Center.
  3. Guests can gain admittance to the Student Recreation Center for a fee, and shall be accompanied by a "members". Guests of members are spouses, significant others, dependants (16 and older), friends, and relatives.
  4. Alumni can gain the status of "members" by Purchasing a membership to the Student Recreation Center, as long as they are a graduate of ESU.

Pricing for User Groups 

Student Recreation Center

  1. Students: Current campus privilege fees approved by ASG, ESU Administration, and Board of Regents.
  2. Employees: $11.42 per month, with the prerogative of adjusting the fee on an annual basis.
  3. Alumni: $17.42 per month, with the prerogative of adjusting the fee on an annual basis.
  4. Guests: Each Guest will pay a fee of $4.00 for daily usage.

Swimming Pool

  1. ESU Students: Free with Hornet Card
  2. ESU Employee: Free with Hornet Card
  3. Community Adult: $11.32 per month
  4. Community Child: $9.16
  5. Guest Fee: $2.00/day

Membership and Guest Pass Policy

Guests will only be admitted with a patron who has a validated "Hornet" Card. A Guest Pass can be purchased for a stipulated price per day, at the Reception Center. Hosts are responsible for explaining Recreation Center use policies and procedures to their guests. Hosts are responsible for any equipment used by guests. Guests must be at least 16 years of age. Guests are not allowed to check out equipment from the Reception Center. No more than two guests per member will be allowed.

Membership Card Regulations

Recreation Center memberships may not be transferred, and admits only the Individual, to which the card is issued. Membership Cards are not refundable. Membership Cards will be prorated on a monthly basis, beginning in the month of July through the month of June, for each specific calendar year. Lost "Hornet" Cards can be replaced at the I.D. Center in the memorial union at a cost determined by the I.D. Center located in the Memorial Union.

Group Use Requests in the Student Recreation Center

Groups made up of members of the campus community (students and employees only), have the privilege of using specific areas of the Recreation Center.

The Student Recreation Center is designed for business occupancy, not assembly occupancy; therefore the Student Recreation Center shall only be used for standard purpose Recreation or Leisure activities.

Please direct all questions about reservations to the Recreation Services Director:
Mike Wise
(620) 341-5952

Facility Procedures

Patron Check In

All patrons can gain access to the Student Recreation and Fitness Center by presenting a valid Hornet ID card or current Membership card when entering the facility.

Equipment Checkout

Sports equipment is available for checkout at the Reception Center.  Students may also check out equipment to be used at outdoor facilities with their current Hornet ID card.


Students, and Facility Members  are allowed to bring a guest to our facility.  Guests can pay a daily fee, a monthly fee, or purchase a 20-visit punch card. The guest must be affiliated with a current member in order to gain access and to purchase guest memberships.  The Host is responsible for their guest and will be held accountable for their guest during visits.  Guests are not allowed to check out equipment.


Lockers are available for check out in the lobby of the Student Recreation Center. You must deposit a quarter into the locker to secure your key. When you return your key, the quarter will be returned.  Towels are available to check out at the Reception Center at no cost.