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Healthy Hornet Challenge 

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The Healthy Hornet Challenge is designed to encourage healthier living through the 7 dimensions of wellness. This program is designed with incentives to develop a commitment to healthy choices. This opportunity is FREE for ALL students, faculty and staff. ESU Faculty/staff will also have free access to the student recreation center while participating in the event. 

For 30 Days- January 30, 2017, through February 28, 2017,- your challenge is to gain as many points as possible each week, submit weekly score forms, and get healthy!  


  • Register between December 5- January 30
  • All participants will need to complete the online registration form: Registration Form

Earn Points

Each week points will be awarded for participating in healthy habits. You are logging your own points--to get the greatest benefit from this Wellness Challenge, it is important that you be honest in reporting how many healthy habits you engage in

Scores must be submitted by NOON on the Tuesday after the completed week to be counted! Each participant is responsible for submitting their scorecards. 

You will receive a weekly e-mail giving you information about bonus challenges, upcoming events, tips, leaderboard updates, reminders to log your points and more!

Earn Prizes

  • Silver Level- 180 points= Specialized Healthy Hornet Water bottle and also for Faculty/Staff (Successful HealthQuest completion)
  • Gold Level- 300 points = Healthy Hornet t-shirt 
  • Top 5 Students will receive a free intramural passes. 
  • Top 5 faculty/staff receives free SRC memberships through FY17.



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Bonus Challenges

Submit Points

#1 (1/30- 2/6)
# 2 (2/7-2/13)
# 3 (2/14- 2/20)
# 4 (2/21- 2/28)

Helpful Resources

Tracking Sheet (this does not need to be turned in this is only to help you track)

Goal Setting

Healthy Recipes

Student Scoreboard
Faculty/Staff Scoreboard

Insurance Discount

Faculty and staff participants that earn points, you will receive credits for the HealthQuest Rewards Program, which will help qualify you for the insurance premium discount.

  1. Complete the Healthy Hornet Challenge.
  2. Receive your "HealthQuest completion" certificate which contains a code.   
  3. You will need to enter this code into the self-report form on the HealthQuest website to be awarded your 5 credits toward your HealthQuest reward.
  4. Go to
  5. Register, or sign in.
  6.  Click on “Self-Report Forms” from the left menu.
  7. Complete the form titled “Agency Wellness Program”.
  8. Enter the code that is provided on your certificate when prompted.

Seven Dimensions of Wellness

The seven dimensions of wellness is an approach to living a healthy and balanced life by recognizing their influences on our well-being. Each dimension is being considered individually but it is important to recognize that the dimensions are not independent of one another: they are interconnected.

  1. Emotional Wellness- This dimension involves feeling positive and enthusiastic about ourselves and life, in general.
  2. Physical Wellness-Physical Wellness is obtained by a healthy body maintained by good nutrition, regular exercise, avoiding harmful habits, making informed and responsible decisions about health, and seeking medical assistance when necessary.
  3. Social Wellness -Is the ability to relate to and connect with other people in our world.
  4. Financial Wellness- Involves the process of learning how to successfully manage financial expenses. Money plays a critical role in our lives and not having enough of it impacts health as well as academic performance.
  5. Intellectual Wellness - Is the ability to open our minds to new ideas and experiences that can be applied to personal decisions, group interaction and community betterment.
  6. Occupational Wellness-Is the ability to get personal fulfillment from our jobs or our chosen career fields while still maintaining balance in our lives.
  7. Spiritual Wellness-Involves our personal values and beliefs that provide a purpose in our lives.

Challenge Kickoff Event

Stop by the Student Recreation Center on Monday, February 1 between 5pm-6:30pm, for our Kickoff Fitness Assessment Night. During this event Student Personal Trainers will administer personalized blood pressure, cardiovascular fitness, muscular fitness, flexibility and body composition testing. Participants will also receive bonus points for attending!

Why take a fitness test?
The activities featured during this fitness test are provided as a way for you to get an estimate of your level of aerobic fitness, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and your body composition. The results on each test provide you with a measure from which you can track your progress in each area as you become more physically active.