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Rec CorkyHealthy Hornet Challenge 

The Healthy Hornet Challenge is designed to encourage healthier living through the 6 dimensions of wellness. This five week program is designed with incentives to develop a commitment to healthy choices. This opportunity is FREE for ALL students, faculty and staff. ESU Faculty/staff will also have free access to the student recreation center while participating in the event. 

Get Involved 

From February 2, 2015, through March 6, 2015, your challenge is to gain as many points as possible each week, report your points, and get healthy! 

  • Build a team of 4 (or do it individually). Teams can be comprised of all students, staff, faculty or combined
  • Register between December 1- January 30
  • Fill out and submit weekly score forms. Each team member is responsible for completing and submitting their weekly scorecard online. 


  • All participants will need to complete the online registration form: Registration Form

Earn Points

Each week points will be awarded for participating in healthy habits. 

  • The scorecard is broken down into the six areas of wellness: physical, social, spiritual, environmental, intellectual, and emotional. Within each area of wellness are specific activities for which you can gain points.
  • Scores must be submitted by NOON on the Monday after the completed week to be counted! Each participant is responsible for submitting their scorecards. If you are the team captain make sure team members have submitted their scores.

Submit a Scorecard

Week 1 (2/2- 2/8)

Week 2 (2/9-2/15)

Week 3 (2/16- 2/22)
Week 4 (2/23- 3/1)
Week 5 (3/2-3/6)


Welcome Newsletter

Week 1 

Week 2 

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Helpful Resources

Daily Tracking Sheet

Setting your Personal Goals

Calendar of Events

Earn Prizes

  •  =  (Successful HealthQuest completion)
  •  = Healthy Hornet t-shirt (Faculty-Staff receive free SRC memberships through FY15)
  • Top faculty/staff team receives free SRC memberships through FY14.

Insurance Discount

Faculty and staff participants that earn  points, you will receive 5 credits for the HealthQuest Rewards Program, which will help qualify you for the $480 insurance premium discount.

  1. Complete at least  points in the Healthy Hornet Challenge.
  2. Receive your "HealthQuest completion" certificate which contains a code.   
  3. You will need to enter this code into the self-report form on the HealthQuest website to be awarded your 5 credits toward your HealthQuest reward.
  4. Go to
  5. Register, or sign in.
  6.  Click on “Self-Report Forms” from the left menu.
  7. Complete the form titled “Agency Wellness Program”.
  8. Enter the code that is provided on your certificate when prompted.

The Six Dimensions of Wellness

  • Physical: Engaging in healthy activities, and taking care of one’s body, nutrition, fitness, medical self-care
  • Emotional: Developing self awareness, managing stress in healthy ways, care for emotional crisis, relaxation
  • Spiritual: Seeking meaning and purpose in human existence. It involves the tolerance of values and beliefs of others and participating in activities that are consistent with personal values.
  • Intellectual: Education, thinking about things in new ways, mental stimulation, career development
  • Social: Healthy relationships with family, friends, and others, a sense of belonging, contributing to a community
  • Environmental: Understanding the impact of your interaction with nature and your personal environment and taking actions to protect the world around you.